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It is so important that your potential client understands what you do, how you do it & more!

Let Marketing Sweet capture your brand, staff, personality & unique selling proposition. Bring life and reality to your business. Transparency is so important in getting the lead.


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We're focused on happy clients.

That's our secret!

We're focused on happy clients.

That's our secret!

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Statement from the Director

Dear Future Client,
All of our photography & videography packages shown above include a dedicated account manager. The number one reason why Marketing Sweet has an outstanding track record and reputation for customer satisfaction is that we are serious about looking after our clients. You will be working with our incredible photographer & videographer but you will always have one person accountable for your project. This means you have someone that makes sure you are happy. How good is that!

We believe in transparency & massive value.

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We will take care of everything

We make sure that your new website has great looking images. We will even resize and upload the new images to the website, making it simple and easy for you.

An amazing &
hassle-free process !

Videos can increase conversion rates

Explain everything in a video and talk directly to your potential consumer; building trust & credibility. This will also encourage your video being on shared on social platforms when it is highly engaging with mobile users.

Google loves videos
on a page !

Videos can increase conversion rates

Explain everything in a video and talk directly to your potential consumer; building trust & credibility. This will also encourage your video being on shared on social platforms when it is highly engaging with mobile users.

Google loves videos
on a page !

Face to face Account manager

You will have a dedicated account manager in our North Adelaide office who will personally look after you at every stage, making sure everything runs smoothly to get the best results because we care.

So much
support & care !
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Our In-house Video Production Services Will Help Your Business Rise Above the Rest

When we say we offer everything under one roof, we mean it – our Video Production Services can add a whole new level of engagement to your brand communications; let us tell you how. Corporate videos are increasing in popularity as the small business market in Adelaide becomes oversaturated, and competing for attention is a strenuous job in itself. Videos offer an extremely effective way of breathing life into your website and social media, while positively effecting your level of reach and engagement. A huge 63% of businesses already incorporate videos into their marketing strategy, with 82% of those considering it an imperative element of their digital strategy! Marketing Sweet’s Video Production Services can help you convey your key business messages in a matter of seconds, with no mental effort required by the customer, facilitating a memorable and emotion rich audience experience. So, what are you waiting for? If you need a little more convincing, read on!

Video Production Services

Our Video Production Services Process

Our Video Production Services are divided into three stages, with each one contributing to a holistic and value-adding finished product. The Pre-Production phase exists to give our videographer and client relationship manager a comprehensive understanding of your business, allowing them to recognise recurring themes that can be used to highlight your business’ point of difference. This planning stage is imperative to ensure what our Video Production Services produce completely reflects your business objectives. Now say hello to stage two: Production. This is where the multifaceted plan comes to life, in an environment that best showcases your direct and indirect branding. Filming generally take place in a conversational setting where you can convey the most important messages straight to a consumer, in addition to catching glimpses of your service offerings in action! Post Production is where the magic happens – visual content and voice overs are edited to produce a sophisticated and professional finished product!

The Best Video Production Services Adelaide Has to Offer

So, you have made it this far – you must be interested in learning more about our awesome Video Production Services! Adelaide’s small business market is extremely unique, and every owners story is different. Whether you want to emphasise the ‘family owned’ characteristic of your business, or you simply want to highlight what makes your brand different, a video is the ideal story-telling platform that is used to evoke an emotional consumer response, while adding unrivalled credibility to your marketing strategy. Videos are an ideal way of building rapport and trust with your customers, prior to them even picking up the phone! And we know trust is imperative, with 57% of consumers saying videos give them greater confidence to make an online purchase! Choose Marketing Sweet for complete peace of mind and guaranteed results. Our Video Production Services will capture and convey your business’ primary messages while giving you an undeniable edge over competitors.

Video Production Services
Still not convinced your website needs our Video Production Services? Check out some of our previous work, or get in touch with our ‘Sweet’ staff today!

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