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Ways To Connect With Your Targeted Audience To Drive Traffic

Just chasing behind the numbers only and not considering what really matters?

Nearly most of the digital marketers remain busy adding more numbers of followers, subscribers, and other such customers, but they don’t give importance to the metric that can drive a large number of supporting mobs towards their website. Knowing such metrics is effective in increasing the brand value to a large extent.

As more than 50% of readers spend less than 20 seconds on any web page (found in a report), there is a need to shift from the metrics that are advertising-based, such as page views and clicks. You need to check the preferences of the users and start doing activities that give satisfaction to readers.

The only way to keep your audiences engaged and satisfied is to go with quality over quantity.

In this post, we would like to offer some of the ways by which you can increase your target audience engagement on your website.

Website Engagement and its Importance

Website engagement should not be confused with the activities to attract traffic and make the conversion for your business. Instead, it is the process of analysing how much your website is useful for clients and successfully keeping them interested and engaged. You should know about your audience preferences, what they prefer to do after clicking on your website and what changes are required.

This process needs to be done on a regular basis so that consistency should be maintained.

Website Engagement and  its Importance​

Its Significance

You can check out some of the points that will make you realize the importance of website engagement.

  • Judgment Factor

We all create some images in our mind after exploring the website for the first time. It results in quick judgment about whether the website is good or bad. If your website is engaging and impressive, then users will give a positive response to your website.

  • Good Chance Of Conversion

The engaging websites have a good speed that saves lots of precious time for readers. It has an overall impact on the conversion rate of the website. The website’s slow speed delivers a bad impression on users, and you may lose some of your potential clients and may experience a high bounce rate. 

  • Return Chance Of Clients

It is true that most of the customers do not visit the website that has offered them a bad experience. The website, which is engaging and has a good user interface, not only pleases customers one time but also the chance of their return gets high.

  • Get High Mobile Traffic

If your website is mobile-friendly and easy to digest for users, then you will be getting a good number of conversions from your mobile users. It is well known that a major part of traffic comes from mobile devices. Thus having a mobile engaged and optimised website is effective and useful in minimising the bounce rate. 

Ways To Increase The Audience Engagement On Website

There are several factors that need to be considered for making your website engaging for users.

  • Good quality content creation
  • Social media enhancement 
  • Proper analytics
  • Website designing 

We will discuss each of the points in detail so that you can get a better understanding. 

Content Creation Tips

The title and description of your webpage is the first content that appears before audiences and that triggers them to click on that web page. The title and description of your web page should be relevant to your business and informative that delivers the best information to the users. With this, the audience gets attracted to access your web page, and a lead is generated.

The heading inside the content should be informative and as per your service category. The heading of the content may mislead the readers, and they will start losing interest and finally leave the pages. Thus there should be the use of only relevant and informative headings.

Content Creation Tips

The content formation can be done in several ways. And it’s up to you what format you choose to deliver your message to your audiences. You can do the research on which type of tone will be most suitable for connecting with the users. Also, there should be proper flow in the content to maintain the interest of the users while reading, and they will stay on the page. It is effective at establishing a connection with the clients and getting leads. The flow of the content satisfies the user’s intention regarding gathering information.

The content of your web page should be easy to digest by users. It can be achieved when your content is easy to read and understand. This makes content user friendly. Readers feel comfortable while reading such content, and they will also appreciate your efforts for your work. 

You should try to make your content as engaging and impressive as possible so that users will go through the complete content of your webpage. For that, you can use infographics, images, videos, presentations etc., the use of multimedia on web pages grabs the attention of readers.

Social Media Enhancement

Your web page content should be shareable. You can use some appealing social media buttons with your content so that readers can share them with others. Readers love to share content that is informative, engaging and related to their domain.

Readers will also leave comments and feedback on your post if they find them engaging. They will love to appreciate your effort for the wonderful job you have done. The comment from the reader should not be ignored, and a reply or response should be made as soon as possible. If you never respond to any of the comments, it will lead to a bad impact on users. It will result in establishing a direct connection between the audience and you.

Social Media Enhancement

The comment should also be made in an engaging and proper way so that they feel easiness while interacting with you. You need to respond to every type of comment, whether it is positive or negative. Your tone should not be rough while responding to the reader’s comments. In a polite manner, you can ask for the reason for a negative experience with their product or service, and you should assure them to make the desired changes. Doing these things boosts your market value and image among users in the market.

You need to take the initiative to interact with the individuals; however, it is not easy. If you find some good content anywhere, then you should never think twice to share. This activity will help you in catching the attention of others, and as a result, your social media traffic will increase.

Proper Analytics

Your main goal should be to satisfy the intention of users. You can take the help of an analytics tool for getting success in this goal. The report generated from this will give you the users who spent time on your website. If the time spent by users is more than the normal time, then it implies that users are unsatisfied with the content and information available on your webpage. This turns into a lack of interaction and engagement. The content on your website should be created according to the requirements of the audience.

Proper Analytics

You should start analysing your website according to the time spent by the user. If the time spent by the user is fewer means, they leave the page quickly as the content is not good and user friendly. On the other hand, if a user is spending a good time on your web page, they are getting satisfactory content on your webpage.

For understanding the user’s interest, you can analyse the pages that are receiving much traffic. With this, you will be able to get information about the engaging elements. The bounce rate of the website would get reduced by making your website user friendly. The most basic factor you need to understand is the requirement of the users.

Website Designing

There should be a proper call to action buttons and content that gives you success in achieving the set objective. By seeing those action buttons, users will take some action that will result in good outcomes for your business. The Contact us form, download button, contact number, email address and other such things need to be used at the right place and with the right symbol. You have to place all these elements very carefully so that users can get them easily.

Website Designing

The design of a website holds power to impress the visitors and act as a differentiating factor. You need to create some different and pleasing designs for your website. For this, you can do a proper analysis of your top competitors and should collect the maximum information. By such a step, you can plan a proper strategy, and you can stand out from the crowd.

Visitors love to capture more information they can. And for this reason, interlinking should be done. There should be a navigation menu, other elements, add location options and other things so that users can easily get complete information about your website. The chance of conversion gets improved. Also, while designing your website, you should keep in mind the mobile view. Your main target should be mobile users, as most of the traffic comes from mobile devices.


If you have a website but are not able to establish a connection with the targeted clients, then such a website is of no use. You need such a website that can establish a connection with your audiences. You can go with the above-described tactics to get more traffic for your website, and as a result, you will be getting more customers.

If you want a user-friendly website that can fulfil their satisfaction level, then you can contact a professional website designer such as Marketing Sweet is equipped with. We craft a website that will take your business to another height of success. Our experience and skills put us apart from others, and you will realise this by experiencing our service once. 

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