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Why us?

We are an incredible company driven on customer service, client satisfaction and outstanding results. Everything we say is evidence-based and is backed up by tons of reviews on Google and Facebook, and heaps of video testimonials. Marketing Sweet is a company committed to small to medium-sized businesses, offering high-end service without the big price tag. We work in all areas online to grow sales including your Website, Landing pages, SEO, AdWords, Social Media, Photography and Videography because we believe it should all be integrated. Our key is having everything you need all under one roof, so it is completely seamless, offering more control and providing better measurable results, that’s the Marketing Sweet way.

Why you need Website Developers to execute your Website Design

Today many businesses are starting to lose sight of their digital presence, and particularly using the right web design to get individuals to buy their products and services. That’s why its important to use website developers, who will meet all the requirements for your new website and most importantly tick all your boxes.

If you have the right framework and approach, I believe choosing the right agency can be straightforward. However for some businesses that have no guidance, it can be a difficult process. This article will help give you tips and ideas to consider when choosing a web agency for your business.

Ready for your new website?

Website Developers


When building a website there are many skills and attributes, which are required for your project to become a success. This means important roles will be assigned to your web agency team and will need to be applied to your website. These roles include:

  • Brand & Content Strategy
  • Web Hosting
  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • User Experience
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography and Videography
  • CMS Implementation (WordPress)

These features are crucial in gaining the best web design, which will work best for your business. It can be a costly and time-consuming process to have specialists fulfil each of these roles, that’s why it’s best to have one web agency that can do it all for you in-house. Before rushing into any decisions, get an understanding of what your chosen website developers can offer, and if they can provide everything you will need for your final design.


One thing to look for when choosing a web agency is, do they provide any testimonials or reviews? For some businesses this can be a make or break. However, testimonials are a valuable form of social proof and help establish more credibility to your brand.

Increasing number of people are trusting online reviews just as much as recommendations from their acquaintances. That’s why it is important to see online reviews or seek feedback from those who have had client engagement with the company.

Testimonials work because they aren’t a strong sales pitches, they are an unbias voice and help establish trust to your viewers. At my web agency, we believe it is an effective way to use real clients who showcase the success in our product or services.

Choose website developers that have credibility in their work, and establish trust to help create your website.

Website Developers
Website Developers


A strong and large portfolio is a vital aspect when choosing a web agency. It is very important to see the past work of a web agency to get an idea and a grasp of how they can with your project.

This will showcase the skills, abilities and projects the agency has pursued. The web portfolio is not just for showing off work and skills though, it also establishes personality and provides an image to you potential client of how they can design your website.

I would like to thank Zack Rosen who has provided a remarkable article and inspired my written piece. Find the link here:  https://pantheon.io/blog/how-choose-right-website-design-and-development-agency 

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