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What Are LSI Keywords and How Can They Increase Your Rankings?

Back in the early days of Google and other search engines, marketers used a single keyword to rank highly on SERPs. Google determined the content of your pages based on the keywords found on those pages. For instance, if it found ‘LSI keywords’ several times on your page, it deduced that the page talked about LSI keywords, and your website would rank highly. This resulted in keyword stuffing and the production of poor content. As such, Google moved away from keyword density and instead began looking at LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. 

Today, LSI plays a significant part in Google’s ranking factors, especially due to the several different and unique ways of searching for common queries. Using LSI keywords comes with positive results for marketers. LSI keywords can boost your content’s value and increase your search visibility. Here is everything you need to know about LSI keywords. 

What Are LSI Keywords?

What Are LSI Keywords and How Can They Increase Your Rankings?

Since 2015, Google has spent a lot of time stressing the importance of LSI keywords. However, they have not spent the same amount of time explaining what LSI keywords are to website owners. So, we are going to break it down for you.

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, and this is a computer program designed to learn the various synonyms based on context. The program uses mathematical techniques to look for relationships between words and concepts within your content. In other words, LSI helps search engines to understand your content just like humans do. 

When it comes to the SEO field, LSI keywords are search terms or phrases related to your primary keywords. LSI keywords help support your content and add more context, allowing search engines and your target audience to know what your content is about. For instance, ‘LSI Keywords’ would be our target keyword in this article. Our LSI keywords can include something like ‘how to find LSI keywords’ and ‘LSI keyword examples’. 

Are LSI Keywords Synonyms?

What Are LSI Keywords and How Can They Increase Your Rankings?

LSI keywords are not synonyms. Instead, they are words or phrases related to your target keyword. However, there is nothing wrong with using your keyword’s synonym in your article. In fact, using synonyms can help your post’s on-page SEO. For example, the synonym for the word ‘jogging’ can be ‘running’. However, the LSI keywords for ‘jogging’ can be ‘shoes’, ‘cardio’ and ‘exercise’. An excellent way for you to differentiate between synonyms and related keywords is to perform a Google search. When you Google something, the suggested searches that appear on the drop-down menu are LSI keywords.  

Benefits of Using LSI Keywords

Since millions of searches are performed on Google each year, Google updated its algorithm to factor in the context and better understand related keywords. This allowed Google to match what users search for and what shows up in the SERPs. Using keywords in your content provides SEO benefits such as;

  • Improving your ranking in search results since Google will understand your content and rank your page accordingly
  • LSI keywords improve your content’s relevance by ensuring you do not overload your page with keywords
  • Increases the number of users who will find your content

The primary benefit of using LSI keywords is that Google will understand your overall topic easily. For instance, if you write an article about cold brew coffee, Google will scan your content to determine whether you used the term ‘cold brew coffee’ in your title, content, and image alt text. However, Google will also do a deeper scan for LSI keywords like ‘filter’, ‘ice’ and ‘temperature’. If Google finds these words, it will be confident that your page is about cold brew coffee. 

How Can You Find LSI Keywords?

Before you begin finding LSI keywords, you must first create a base of crucial keywords for your page. With a list of these keywords, it now becomes easier to find related keywords. You will need to research a little bit using LSI keyword tools to uncover endless possibilities. Here are some tools you can use to find a suitable selection of related keywords.

LSI Graph Tool

You can use the LSIGraph tool to identify several search terms related to your target keyword. The tool searches the internet for related terms with the largest search volumes. This helps you find LSI keywords you can use in your content. Do not be tempted to use as many LSI keywords as indicated by the LSIGraph tool as possible. This will lead to keyword stuffing and Google will penalise your website. 

Google Autocomplete

Google’s search is the easiest way to find keywords related to your target one. All you have to do is type your primary keyword into Google’s search box, and Google will provide a range of predictions about what you might type next. Make a list of those keywords that are relevant to your business and incorporate them into your content. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page to the ‘Related Search’ box. Check the listed terms for more ideas for LSI keywords for your content. The ‘People Also Ask’ box on the search results page is another place to find more options. 

Google Planner

Google planner is another convenient and effective way to find semantically related keywords. The tool provides results for related search terms, including search queries, phrases, and words. It is also easy to use Google Planner. You only have to enter your target keyword and check out the terms that show the highest search volume and the ones with low competition. 


Another effective tool that can help you find LSI keywords is Serpstat. You only have to enter your target keyword and click ‘Related Keywords’ under ‘SEO Research’, and the tool will display a long list of words and phrases you can choose from. Other related tools you can use to search for LSI keywords include Moz, Ahrefs and SEMrush tools. These tools are excellent because they provide you with a comprehensive list of related keywords and show you how to filter the words by connection, strength, cost per click and search volume. You can use those with high search volume to create a solid LSI strategy. 

How to Use LSI Keywords to Increase Your Rankings

What Are LSI Keywords and How Can They Increase Your Rankings?

With a list of LSI keyword options for your content, now it is time for you to create content around them and experience their full benefits. Here is a guide on how to use LSI keywords for SEO.

Choose LSI Keywords Best Suited to Your Topic

The first step to using LSI keywords for SEO is identifying the best-suited ones for your topic. The next step is to use the relevant keywords in the first half of your content. Try to have the target keyword in the first lines and then the LSI ones within the top 50% of your article content. Sometimes, you may need to change the article structure of your article to achieve this. 

Use LSI Keywords in Your Title Tags

In most cases, LSI keywords are long-tail versions of your target keyword. For instance, if your target keyword is ‘LSI keywords’ and one of your LSI keywords is ‘importance of LSI keywords’, it is better to use the LSI keyword in your title. This will help you rank for both of the keywords.

Include LSI Keywords in Meta Descriptions

Another way to use your LSI is to include them in your meta descriptions to draw users’ attention. However, do not stuff too many keywords, or you will hurt the readability of your meta description.

Put LSI Keywords in Image Alt Tags

Ensure that all images in your content have alt tags and write them in a way that includes some LSI keywords. Naturally, all images in your content are related to your LSI keywords. So, do not stuff your alt tags with keywords. 

Include LSI Keywords in Headers

All your article subheadings should have some LSI keywords. Google pays close attention to all your headings, and your LSI keywords can help you decide how to break your content into smaller sections. If your LSI list of words contains a word that is not relevant to your article, consider creating a new section and focusing on that keyword. 

Focus on Context and Readability

Never ad LSI keywords without any context. LSI plays a crucial role in the ranking of your content. However, placing them randomly will not help you. Using Several LSI keywords will hurt your readability. Ensure you read your article slowly after you have optimised it using LSI keywords to ensure that your grammar flows. If you notice that your LSI keyword makes your sentence sound awkward, remove or restructure the sentence. 


Using LSI keywords in your content is an on-page SEO skill that you must practice to perfect. If you learn how to leverage LSI keywords in your content, you will improve your ranking. Ensure you use the tools discussed in this article to optimise your content for LSI keywords. If you need more help with your LSI keyword strategy, call our SEO specialists.

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