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What are the Characteristics of the Best Digital Marketing Firm?

Digital marketing is essential in this era. Many people use the internet to search for services and products, making it the best place to find customers. Digital marketing is creating and disseminating content through digital channels like websites, social media, mobile applications, and emails. You can market your content through various strategies across paid, earned, and owned digital channels, including SEO, SEM, and pay-per-click.

While you can handle your digital marketing, hiring a digital marketing company is essential to do the work for you. Unfortunately, many agencies on the market claim to be the best. So, how do you pick the best digital marketing company that suits your business? Some people look at their budget, while others consider the company’s experience. We have created some tips to help you differentiate between digital marketing companies that will help make you succeed and those that can’t.

What is the Aim of Digital Marketing?

A web developer working hard in a sprit at Marketing Sweet, one of Australia's best digital marketing companies
At Marketing Sweet, we believe in educating you on solutions rather than just implementing them.

Digital marketing will help you define your business goals and target audience and develop a strategy that best reaches this audience. The plan you create provides direction for a given campaign and an evaluation framework. This changes how companies communicate with and deliver value to their customers. If you cannot implement digital marketing, you will not be able to compete. Remember that digital marketing opens doors to a global marketplace. Gone are the days when you only supply to your local customers. You can now ship products overseas and receive payment instantly. So, do not be left out as other businesses go global.

Important Things to Look for in a Digital Marketing Company

Always approach the process of hiring a digital marketing company with the same diligence as employing a member of your staff. Ensure you are clear with what you want and never compromise. Choosing the wrong company can be disastrous. However, getting the process right will save you time and money and protect your brand’s reputation. Here are the things to look for in a digital marketing company;

  1. Can the company talk the talk?

A reputable digital marketing agency should outline the fundamental principles of an effective strategy to boost its online presence. A digital marketing agency should give you the five cornerstones of an effective strategy without missing anything. These elements include;

  • An optimised and responsive website
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO and search campaigns
  • Email marketing with an effective CRM

The company can also mention analysis and monitoring since you must measure the success of what you have achieved.

2. Do they walk the talk?

Take the time to browse the company’s website before contacting them. Their website is an example of what they can do. So, it is the place they should excel. If they fail to make a memorable impression with their website, this is everything you need to know. The website of a digital marketing agency should be fast, updated, and contemporary. Ensure you look for things like;

  • An active blog
  • Easy navigation
  • Responsive pages

Ensure you assess the design skills and inbound marketing strategy. You will get an idea of how their SEO effectively promotes their business. Also, check how they rank on Google and other search engines.

3. Analyse their talent

The best digital marketing agency employs various people specialising in different skills. They should have a team with the technical know-how and apply this knowledge to commercial practice. Some of the specialties the agency should have, include content writers, SEO experts, web designers, and social media strategists. A company with these people will ensure that your digital marketing strategy is comprehensive, creative, and competent. Choose a company that advertises their skills since they are confident in themselves and will be collaborative.

4. Are they fluent?

Can your potential digital marketing agency communicate efficiently? You may meet a talented team with a deep understanding of the digital marketing world but fail at communication. Coherent and articulate communication is vital when working with a digital marketing agency. The team must ensure that you have a marketing strategy that will work for your business. They should also interpret the strategy to avoid delays, mistakes, and additional expenses.

5. Toolbox features

Does the digital marketing agency have the right tools for the job and the skills to use them? If the company promises you that they can measure the success of your marketing strategy, ask them what tools they use. Do they use Moz and Google Analytics or a service you have never heard of? What platforms do they utilise to achieve the best results? Some tools may vary depending on the industry you operate in, but they must demonstrate an excellent reliance and capability on tools like;

  • Hubspot
  • Screaming Frog
  • Salesforce
Another satisfied customer at Marketing Sweet, one of Australia's best digital marketing companies
Surpass your competitors by becoming more digitally savvy.

6. Social skills

Social medial marketing is the most effective and instant way to boost your business, target new customers, and strengthen your brand. A reputable marketing company will drive your business to customers across all the relevant social networking platforms. Open a social media page for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. These platforms will help you connect with customers on a personal level. Your digital marketing company should help you garner interest by engaging with an audience and building a conversation around your services or products.

7. Is the company recommended?

Always get testimonials from clients who have previously used the digital marketing company. A reputable agency will have a testimonial page or section on its website. However, they will always publish reviews that praise their business. So, it is essential to get an unbiased view. Some websites like Google and Facebook offer independent reviews. Research well and find out what other people have to say about their services. Check what companies recommend them and compare them with your business. Also, look at whether the company responds to criticism. A good agency will promise to work on the flaws mentioned by their clients. Testimonials are a perfect way to build trust and credibility.

8. Are they flexible and adaptive?

Technology is constantly changing, and it is vital to work with an agency that can adapt to new strategies. Social media is a perfect example of how quickly you need to keep pace. Trending concepts relating to your business need a company that can respond promptly. Choose a flexible agency by checking its online presence across various social media. Ask them whether they can react quickly to new demands at short notice and check that they have the staff to manage your needs.

9. Compatibility

If you want to succeed, your digital marketing agency must support and respect your business goals. The company must build a rapport with you through their experience, knowledge, and attitude. Remember that hiring the agency is just the beginning, staying together is progress, and working collaboratively with the agency is a success. No one knows your business better than you. So, only you can judge whether or not a company has the right ingredients to make your relationship a success. Do not hesitate to say no if the company is not leading you in the right direction. Ensure that the company you choose provides additional services that can enhance your original brief. For instance, the company can offer eCommerce solutions or training programs.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to look for in the best digital marketing companies, ensure that they have a proven track record, creative staff, the ability to communicate, and the ability to offer diverse services. You can also look at your budget, but this should not be the starting point. Remember that cheap does not equal quality.

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