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What Is Keyword Cannibalisation, And How To Avoid It?

The internet has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. We get every piece of information at a single touch. Also, the business has experienced lots of benefits with the increased use of the internet. To make the online existence, business owners create websites and make them a tool to connect with potential customers. Users will try to reach your website with some keywords or phrases. Thus, if you are posting some blogs or posts, you should choose the right keyword. SEO is effective for improving the visibility of your business. Most digital marketers make use of standard SEO practices to optimize their websites.

But it would help if you did not use the exact keywords repeatedly for different web pages. This comes under keyword cannibalisation. And it can lead your website to experience a drop in ranking.

In this article, we are going to provide you with the relevant information: What is “Keyword Cannibalisation and how to avoid it”? So continue your reading and get the best for your website.

What is Keyword Cannibalisation?

Keyword Cannibalisation is the activity in which you target the same keyword for the multiple web pages of your website. It is very clear that you are trying to compete with yourself. As a result, each of your web pages will struggle to get a better ranking. But nothing will occur positively.

What is Keyword Cannibalization?

Your web pages will experience low click-through rates, lower ranking and low conversion. These all things occur with the keyword cannibalisation, and your website would be cannibalized. Google would not be able to identify the importance of the information that you are aiming to provide to the users against the site query. Therefore, Google has to do the difficult work to identify the most deserving webpage for the selected keyword.

What Are The Bad Effects Of Keyword Cannibalisation On SEO?

It will not matter to your website whether you have spent many dollars on improving the SEO of your website if your website will suffer from keyword cannibalisation. It will ruin your whole efforts. SEO is used to improve the web page ranking and helps in appearing in the search engine results. When you face keyword cannibalisation, Google finds it difficult to select the right web page for the keywords as all the web pages are targeting the single keyword. As a result, no ranking will be offered to the web pages. the CTR and other backlinks will be diluted with such action, and the ranking will go lower day by day.

Using different keywords or phrases that deliver the same meaning also comes under the category of keyword cannibalisation. No search engine will be able to differentiate the pages, and they will start ranking the web pages lower.

Impact Of Keyword On Cannibalisation

The most considerable point is that most of the individuals are not aware that there is a problem like keyword cannibalisation. But it is the reality that websites experience the adverse effect if you have keyword cannibalisation. Some of them are:

Dilution Of The Backlinks

When there are two or more web pages with the same keywords, then it leads to backlinks dilution. The external and internal links of your webpage get wasted if the same or similar information is perceived by the search engines from different web pages. The authoritativeness of the web pages gets down as information gets split into multiple pages. 

Search Engines Devalue The Webpages

Google tries to provide the most relevant information to its users by selecting the right page with the right keywords. If there are multiple pages with the same keywords, then it will act as a confusing concept to Google and other search engines. It will result in decreasing the value of your webpage.

Degrading The Ranking

The biggest effect that your website will experience is the lower ranking. The presence of multiple web pages with the same and similar keywords is not a good sign for your website. It will result in lowering the on-page ranking of the website. Users will not be able to find your webpage as your website will not be available in the SERP list.

Decrease In The Conversion Rate

SEO is used to improve the conversion rate by optimizing it according to the demand and requirement of the users and search engines. But if your website is not coming in the list, then no visitor will be able to land on your webpage, and thus there would be no conversion.

How To Look For Keyword Cannibalisation?

It is not an impossible task to get the report about keyword cannibalisation. You can do it in a simple manner. In the first step, you can prepare a keyword grid. In this list, you can categorize the important landing URLs and the targeted keywords for them. You can check with this that there would be no overlapping of the keywords on the multiple pages.

The other option is to go with the free keyword mapping tool. With such tools, you can do keyword research, check the search volume, the relevance of the keyword, and, most importantly, can check the keyword cannibalisation. In addition, you can check the metadata of your website and should remove the duplicate keywords. 

What Are The Ways By Which You Can Solve Keyword Cannibalisation?

Once you come to know that your website is facing the keyword cannibalisation problem, you should look for the improvement and fixing process. You can follow some of the below-described ways to overcome the keyword cannibalisation problem.

Restructuring Of The Website

The effective way to get the solution towards the keyword cannibalisation is to use the highly authoritative web pages that can make the linking to other pages. For example, you can create the main page on architecture and can offer links to the various types of architecture styles.

Design New Landing Page

You should check your website that there is any landing page that can accommodate all the same pages with the targeted keywords. It offers visitors to select the page that they require to explore. 

Auditing Of Content

Check out the webpage content and the same keywords that are available on the website. It will help you in gaining more authority for the pages, and improvement in the ranking will also be made. 

Search New Keywords

You should be sure that you are using the right keywords. With the use of online tools, you can explore a lot of keywords that can be effective for your website. Sometimes using new keywords can boost your website. Also, you should check that the keywords you’re going to use should not appear that are used forcefully. 

Use 301 Redirect

Utilize this alternative sparingly as too many redirects could upset the guests. Instead, join comparable pages with similar keyword inquiries.

Final note

The presence of keyword cannibalisation on the website is the major issue, but it is not hard to solve. Performing the regular site audit will help you in checking the health of your website. You can check the content and keywords of your site and can go with the latest trend. While fixing the keyword cannibalisation issues, make certain to cross-check any new pages that should not have content that contends with what you, as of now, have on your website. Continuing progression on the content will fill the gap of content, not the keywords that you have to work on.

If you experience that there is keyword cannibalisation on your website, then you can contact the SEO professionals of Marketing Sweet. We have years of experience in making the website compatible with search engines and users. We offer the much-needed boost to your website. You will receive a well designed and SEO friendly website with our professionals. To know more about our assistance you can simply give us a call at 08 8337 4340.

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