What Qualities Make a Reliable Graphic Designer?

If you don’t know much about graphic design, selecting a graphic designer can be a tricky task. A lot of designers will present amazing portfolios and reviews making the task that much harder. The following list will determine what to look for that makes a reliable graphic designer to ensure you receive the best work for your business…


1. Communication

Communication is key in any relationship, even if it’s professional. If the graphic designer is able to adhere to your requests and keep in contact with you easily from the get go, good chances they’re a catch.

2. Portfolio

History is important so making sure the graphic designer is able to display their efforts and impress you… Whether this portfolio is impressive or not is up to you, so make sure their work actually appeals to you and your needs specifically. If they don’t have a portfolio, there’s bigger risk involved so this is a big one!

3. Understanding

The portfolio is important, but it’s not enough to make the call if they’ll be enough for you and your needs. Yeah, they’re portfolio looks good, but how did they make those decisions? What inspired them to design a website in a certain way? If they can show how things came about beneath the surface this provides further insight into their creative thinking.

4. Accessibility

When working with a graphic designer, it isn’t always face to face depending on your location…but are they just as accessible if they were closer to you? You don’t have to be living in the same city but if they make themselves available to chat whether in person or over the phone easily and quickly, this demonstrates not only reliability but trust.

5. Honesty is the best policy

Speaking of trust, honesty is a key factor in making sure you can trust one another. The portfolio is amazing, they’re easy to reach and you make a connection but is there anything holding them back? When they encountered a problem, how did they handle it? When reaching a roadblock, how did they get through it? Being as honest about the hard times as much as the good ensures for a winning graphic designer.

6. Ability to take Criticism

As much as you discuss what you intend for business, the outcome doesn’t always come out on the same wavelength. If you aren’t entirely happy with what the graphic designer has produced or its heading in the wrong direction, you should be able to discuss this easily knowing they can take it on board.

7. Patience

Design can sometimes be a lengthy process to get it right. Not only do you as the client need patience, but the graphic designer needs to demonstration patience with the process as well before getting the desired end result.

8. Evolution

If your graphic designer’s track record looks squeaky clean, can they show anything that show’s they’ve progressed over time? Nobody’s known it all from the start, so they should be able to show they’ve grown over time and want to continue to do so.

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