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A Quick Checklist Of What To Do Before Launching A Website

Whether you are making a fresh out of the box new site, upgrading a current one, or moving a webpage onto another framework or CMS, then launching a site can be an energizing and overwhelming task. And you need to be very attentive while launching the website. While launching the website, most individuals often forget important points that are useful for making your website live. You need to pay attention to all parts, either it is little subtleties too. It is better to save your hard efforts. Also, successful correspondence among various individuals and groups is a good point for a successful launch.

A Quick Checklist Of What To Do Before Launching A Website

Check For All Types Of Error

Before launching your website, you should hit and try all things on your website. The content on your website should be easy to read and visible properly. Check the normal issues that are created with video, audio, and other graphics of the website. The font size should be enough so that readers do not have to put more focus on reading the words. Try to keep the length of the sentences short and add important points in the bullet. You should check that the image on the website is optimized and labeled properly with alt text. 

Set Up An Alternative Site

You should always have a copy of your actual website. You can check that copy site on a private server. It can also be used as confirmation of content and code before your website goes live. This is the site where you can hit and try several messes with refreshes in a practically indistinguishable climate from the one that will be live. This is so you don’t need to stress over slamming your site or botching something when you roll out an improvement. If you find the best output with your playwork on your alternative website, you can make that change to your original website. 

Include Contact Page

Your website should be equipped with the contact page to get users in touch with you easily. They can discuss their requirements and ask for the service for which they are looking. It also gives a trust point to customers that you are always available to help them. 

Test Site Usability

You should ensure that all functionality on your website is working in the same manner as it needs to be. It is good for making conversions and for the SEO of your website. Before launching your website, you should check each element of your website by considering yourself as a customer. After that, you will get to know lots of things. Check all calls to action forms that are present on your website, and they are working correctly. If there is a payment method on your website, you should double-check your website’s security. No one likes to visit and buy a product from an unsecured website. You have to focus more on certain functions of your website. It includes downloads, email notifications, sign-ups, shopping cart functions, payment processing, and other useful links. 

Check Navigation Of Website

The navigation of your website has a wide impact on the number of conversions. If users do not find the right thing at the right place, they will take no time to leave the website. It would be best if you tried to create a clear and hierarchical website so that users can easily find what they want. Users love to see some fixed sections at the top or the bottom of the web page that you should design accordingly before launching.   

Check Links of Webpage

The link on your website should direct you to the place that it is supposed to be. This is particularly significant if you rebuild your webpage, so ensure all your site links redirect to the new place. If the link on your webpage is not working or manipulating users, users will never visit again on your website. 

Mobile Friendly

It has become an essential part to your web design in Adelaide that is compatible with mobile view. Google also gives preference to websites that are designed with a mobile-friendly view. Users should enjoy the pleasing experience of your website on desktop as well as on mobile. The look and feel of the content, images should be similar on the mobile version. The links and buttons of your website should be clear and working on mobile.

Mobile Friendly

Check Browser Compatibility

There are many browsers available, and it is not enough if your website works on the browser you are using. Different individuals prefer different browsers. Thus your website should be compatible with every browser. Your website should be compatible at least on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. There are several tools available online on which you can check the compatibility of your website. 

Run Compatibility Testing

It sometimes results in that all plugins do not support each other and create conflict at the time of use. Thus it will be better that you should check the performance of your website by installing different plugins. There is a plugin available for checking the run compatibility of the webpage; thus, you can also take the help of that. 

Be Prepared With 404 Page

The 404 problems do not mostly occur with new websites. But sometimes users type incorrect url or mistypes something, then this problem occurs. So that if you do not want to lose your lovely client, then create a custom 404 error message page. 

Optimize your Website

It is very important that you have your website optimized. You can also do it after launching your website, but it will ensure the website’s optimal performance if you do so. Optimizing images, compressing JavaScript and CSS files, all such things result in fast loading of your webpage. And users love to open fast-loading websites. 

Check Xml Sitemaps/Html Sitemap

There are several SEO plugins that can provide a sitemap for your website. But you should also check manually whether it is there or not. A sitemap allows easy indexing of your webpage. Your web pages get crawled easily. Also, it should hold all-important content that needs to be there. 

Check Social Media Connection

We are residing in a world where everything is available on social media. And social media is quite powerful in promoting anything, reviewing and discussing the requirements. Thus it will be helpful for you to have social media links on your website to get a better connection with clients. 

html sitemap

Check Ssl Certificate

Having a ‘Not Secure’ tag on a website is not a good indication for your business. No one likes to entertain such websites that are not secured or safe. Thus you should get an SSL certificate for your website. 

Lead a Stress Test

In a normal site strategy, it may not be 100% important to do a load test in light of the fact that the traffic spike may not overwhelm the ability of the server. But a load test is an absolute necessity for any organization that plans for an enormous flood of guests during explicit occasions during the special times of the year or after a significant press occasion. This will help you sort out how much concurrent traffic your site can deal with by reenacting up to a huge number of synchronous virtual clients from various areas throughout the planet. The test will not be thoroughly imitating a genuine situation, so you will need to discover a test that carries you as near reality as could be expected. You can ask website specialists of Marketing Sweet which load tests they suggest and that will be best for your website. 

Be Prepared With Backup Plan

Just prior to launching your site, take care that you have a reasonable reinforcement arrangement and test it before you hit the lunch button. It can save you a heap of despair and restless evenings if something happens to your site after launch. 

Get your Website Checked with Legal Team

Before launching your website, if there is an option available to you, then you should definitely get your website checked with the legal team. It will help you in remaining far away from future problems that might arise. The legal team checks copyright issues, trademark infringements, and other such things. They would also help you in providing the Privacy Policy for your site. 

Review changes before the launch

Before launching your website, you should cross-check the changes that you have made. You can take one hour extra for this, but you should have peace of mind by performing the review task. It might be that you find bugs at the last minute. 

Wrapping Up

It is quite necessary that you follow all desired checklist points at the time of launching your website. This will take some time, no doubt, but it will save your future time and efforts that you have made till now. You can also consult an experienced website designer that can guide you best for your website launch. Marketing Sweet is a top Web Design Company in Adelaide that can fulfill all your requirements of web designing and SEO. We have well-skilled professionals that understand the requirements of clients and then offer the solution. You can give us a call on 08 8337 4340 to know more about our services. 

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