Coming up With Blog Topic Ideas to Improve Your SEO

So, you’ve had your website built by a professional web design company with all your service details, but you still have a bank of industry knowledge that you want to share with your audience. Start a blog! It’s true—it can be challenging to maintain.So, to help you create a clear and organized structure, step one should be listing down topic ideas that you can check off as you go. Blogging doubles as a fantastic way to improve your SEO rankings, so keeping your blog posts focused on specific core services can improve your visibility online. Here is a list of tips to help you come up with engaging blog topics to improve your SEO!


Tips to Find the Right Blog Topics for SEO Content

Inevitably, creativity burns out. You might hit a brick wall and really struggle to come up with new blog ideas. To overcome this hurdle, it’s important to remember that the intention behind the blogs is to serve your audience and provide them with beneficial information. It’s hard not to let your own interests creep in, but readers will already have a specific agenda when visiting your website so you have to retain their attention by putting their needs first—thinking back to basics.

1. Keeping on Top Of the Latest Industry Developments

One of the biggest challenges as a business owner is keeping up with evolving practice. New tools, methods and technologies continually creep in to override the norm. However, this is great opportunity for bloggers! And the information is out there—it’s simply a matter of looking in the right places to source it.We recommend you follow other blogs, accounts and news platforms related to your industry to keep on top of trending information. Sharing updates and adding a little input from your own business demonstrates that you’re a progressive team, while removing the hassle of finding topics!

2. Ask Your Readers

The simplest way to generate blog ideas is to ask your readers what they enjoy reading, but a basic Q&A probably won’t receive the level of engagement you need. Instead, leveraging your social media channels can be much better to connect with your audience to find out their preferences. Jump on your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and put out some posts to initiate feedback!

3. Keyword Research

Utilizing SEO software is a great way to findwhat’s trending in the blogging space. By conducting keyword research, you can find out which terms are most frequently searched by people looking for news and updates on products orservices that relate to your business. This might require a helping hand from the professionals who have experience using platforms like SEMrush or Keywords Everywhere to obtain their data.

If you’ve hit a bit of a dead end with your blog ideas, make sure you put our three tips to use to improve engagement with your target audience!

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