How to Direct Traffic to Your Blog!

Having an online presence is one thing, but whether or not people can actually find you when they need you is a whole new challenge. How can you convert leads into sales when you have no one coming through? Take note of our list of recommendations to help drive more traffic through to your website or blog!


1. Don’t neglect on-page SEO

The objective is to increase your search ranking. There are already billions of blogs, websites and E-commerce stores running live on the internet. So, one tactic you can implement to help your platform stand out is on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

On-page SEO is as easy as adding relevant keywords with high search volumes to the content throughout your website. It’s equally as important to focus on creating engaging meta-descriptions that incorporate your targeted keywords for optimal results. It’s recommended that you start out with more specific long-tail keywords, as they’re generally less competitive. For example, if you’re a florist looking to hire out your service to weddings you could opt for something along the lines of “best wedding florists Adelaide” as opposed to “florists Adelaide”.

2. Backlinking

If you want Google to give your website a higher ranking, we recommend obtaining a backlink from another website or platform with a high domain authority score (DA). The DA score is basically a metric that demonstrates how well a website is likely to rank on Google. To get the backlink, we recommend considering guest blogging or reaching out to other businesses who could reference your website as a viable resource. A backlink is definitely something that has to be earned, so you must have something valuable to offer in return.

3. Use Social Media

Majority of business owners will have social media accounts to reach a wider audience. It’s free for the most-part, and gives you the opportunity to share news, updates and promotions to retain and expand engagement over time. With that said, it’s no surprise that regular posting through social media is a great option to direct traffic to your blog. But the success is widely determined by your target market—what kind of crowd do you appeal to? Which social platforms are they most active on? There are various tools that enable you to track and measure your audience engagement like, so you can generate time and money where it counts. It’s also worthwhile encouraging people to share your content on their own social platforms!

4. Update Your Blog Regularly

Accumulating traffic online is a slow process. You have to be determined, consistent, and informed enough to make smart choices when it comes to making investments. We’re not just talking about money, you also have to be willing to invest your time into creating quality content for your audience. But the more you blog, the higher ranking you will eventually receive. We recommend starting with two a week to build up your portfolio and increase engagement!

How to Direct Traffic to Your Blog
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