Creating an Effective Call-to-Action

Are your readers or viewers left hanging with no incentive to approach your business? A call to action (CTA) enforces a process to let your audience know what to do after landing on your web page, blog or ad. They create a sense of urgency to get people acting straight away, so follow our steps to ensure they take the bait!

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1. Start with a verb

The main focus point of a call to action is tell your target how to respond to your key message. If you’re selling a product or service, start your CTA with words like ‘buy’ ‘purchase’ and ‘order’. Are you trying to promote your brand and engage customers? Start with words such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘join’. It has to be active, urgent, and straightforward enough for anyone to follow!

2. Be enthusiastic

Notice a difference between ‘Sign up, now.’ and ‘Sign up now!’. Punctuation creates the difference between could do, and will do. Showing some enthusiasm and expressing emotion through effective punctuation will influence how the reader feels too! That’s the power of empathy.

3. What’s in it for them?

Basically, your CTA’s needs to be clear enough that your customers know exactly what they’re getting without further research. That might mean grouping the relevant information or making your CTA more specific. For example: if they buy now, do they receive a discount? If they join now, can they cancel anytime? Letting the customer know what they’re entitled to straight off the bat will increase their confidence in your product or service.

4. Show them know what they’re missing

Yes, FOMO is a genuine thing! If the customers feel as though they’ll miss out if they don’t act straight away, they’ll spend less time contemplating. Make any limitations or special deals clearly known to incite fast action!

5. Tailor your CTA to the device

Is your website mobile responsive? Make sure your CTA links are active and user friendly by incorporating features like automated “click to call” functions. Consumers are always looking for the quick and easy way out.

6. Keep it entertaining

An effective call to action isn’t only written well, but it looks great too. If you can add something visual like an arrow or creative imagery around the CTA, this will grab the viewers’ attention and engage them enough to make the click.

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