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Drupal vs WordPress: Which is Better?

Drupal vs WordPress: Which is Better? An intelligent CMS can help you in designing the website of your choice. The most famous CMS in the current time are WordPress and Drupal. Both CMS is full of features. You will find multiple functionalities in WordPress such as custom sidebars, countless page templates, and responsive designs, whereas with Drupal, you will find more creative options if you are doing API development. 

Drupal vs. WordPress: Which is Better?

In the year 2021, a more creative and innovative structure is required for website development. Because of that, organizations are still searching for the best CMS that can fill their website’s management needs. In this article, we will provide you with some important aspects that can help you in knowing which one will be better for you.


This is an open-source content management system. Its framework is written in PHP and comes under the General Public License. Currently, it is providing a strong back-end framework to most of the web today. This CMS can be used for all types of websites. Whether it is political, everyday websites, or educational websites, everybody is using Drupal. It is equipped with all the necessary and basic features that are required in the CMS. In addition, you will get maintenance, RSS feed, customization of pages, user account registration, and system administration. Users use this platform to create personal websites, blogs, forums, social networking sites, and more.


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Drupal Advantages

  • This is a free platform to create an amazing website. 
  • It offers room to create complex designs.
  • Users enjoy high-end security.
  • The function of Drupal websites is high. 
  • A feature of extending functionality backs it up. 
  • It has built-in caching.
  • It has a mobile eco-friendly feature. 

Drupal Disadvantages

  • The complex interface of Drupal requires good knowledge and skill to create the website. It has a steep learning curve. 
  • The hosting fees of Drupal are expensive. 
  • It does not have quality-free design templates. 


WordPress is an open-source tool for site creation, and it is additionally written in PHP. In the current time, it is the most impressive publishing content to a blog stage and one of the least demanding platforms for the creation of websites as well. It is being utilized by a huge number of sites across the globe. Most of the users find it as the fastest, robust, and reliable CMS for their website. Developers enjoy several customization options with WordPress. The availability of countless plugins and SEO-friendly features is increasing its popularity day by day. As a result, developers create outstanding websites with WordPress. 

Another additional advantage of utilizing WordPress is the way that it is accessible for nothing. Accordingly, you can just decide to begin on WordPress today, and nothing will stop you. Download and introduce it on your site and advance around it to build up your website on it. 


WordPress Famous Websites Fleet

WordPress Advantages

  • The most considerable advantage of using WordPress is that it is SEO friendly. 
  • The development and other costs of WordPress are low.
  • It is an open-source platform.
  • Easy to use. It doesn’t need much technical expertise to get started.
  • Availability of the extensive plugins option.

WordPress Disadvantages

  • The security of WordPress is not upto the mark. It is vulnerable.
  • From time to time, updates are required for better functioning/performance of the website.
  • The page speed will be slow. 

Drupal vs WordPress

Both of the CMS were just released a couple of years ago. They are considered as a significant player in the market of CMS. But the base of WordPress is larger than Drupal. WordPress has managed to achieve a lot of popularity. Most bloggers wonder which CMS will be better for their business needs. Here we are providing you with some aspects that you can consider to make your decision.

Ease of Use

If you do not understand the function of websites and different systems, it is suggested to go with the WordPress CMS instead of Drupal. Because Drupal has a complicated process at the backend as compared to wordpress. You can easily get started with the features of WordPress, whereas Drupal has some of the downsides. Also, if you want help from experienced people in using WordPress, you can easily find such individuals who share their experience, whereas it is missing in the case of the Drupal CMS. 

As per the update point, WordPress releases updates every 3 to 4 months and users don’t even feel any hard work to update the website with the latest updates. It goes smoothly. On the other hand, it is different in the case of drupal. There are no codes used in drupal for upgradation, so it requires good knowledge to get those updates. 


Cost is a central point that individuals consider with regards to the development of a site and its management. All things considered, you will realize that WordPress designers would charge less with their requests because there are a lot of different engineers accessible on the lookout. Then again, if you consider the cost of a Drupal website, then Drupal designers are not excessively regularly found and are, hence going to charge more for any changes, doing updates or anything. 

Both of the CMS are open source, and you can download it for free of cost but when you discuss developers and the potential changes that must be made on a site, then, at that point, realize the Drupal will set you back additional as compared to the WordPress. 


Taking everything into account, WordPress again gets our vote on the grounds that there are more than 35,000 plugins available with wordpress that you can utilize for creating the wonderful website. You can easily install many free ad premium themes. You can make the changes as per your choice and the demand of your site. This is something that makes WordPress exceptionally adaptable/ customizable. The high measure of the availability of plugins makes WordPress truly adaptable. Drupal utilizes modules instead of plugins. You will find a restricted assortment and information in Drupal. 

While considering customization, we accept that Drupal offers you options yet not with the same number that WordPress offers. WordPress, with the entirety of its adaptability, is a lot simpler choice and preferable and simpler to use over Drupal.

SEO Ready

Search engine optimization is a very important factor for the health of your website. If you are using WordPress for developing your website, you do not have to worry a lot about the SEO factor as WordPress has codes that are good to get indexed on the search engines. You can easily customize the page according to the SEO factor and get that page in ranking. At the same time, Drupal requires experienced web developers to get your website SEO ready and error-free.


Now the turn comes to security, which is very important for the website. In this aspect, Drupal is much better than wordpress. It is equipped with enterprise-level security that gives users in-depth security. At the same time, WordPress is a little step back in terms of security. With lots of vulnerabilities, it becomes hard to handle the WordPress website to get them perfectly secured. 

Till now, WordPress was gaining our votes in terms of cost, flexibility, ease of use. But the individuals who consider security over all such factors will prefer to go with Drupal. It is a better choice for them.

Overview of Drupal vs WordPress

Comparison Factors WordPress Drupal
Ease of Use yes no
Novice Friendly yes no
Plugins Available 54,000+ 42,000+
Cost Not costly expensive
Security Less secure than Drupal In-depth security
SEO-Friendly Highly Not much
Time for Installation 5 min 10 min
CMS Market-share 40% 1.5%
Community Support Larger Community Support Less compared to WordPress
Customization Highly customizable Less customizable

Which Is Best For Your Website?

It is not easy to choose which CMS is better for site development. The answer to this question depends on business specialty, item, and prerequisites. Both WordPress or Drupal CMS frameworks are smart, sharp, inventive, and remarkable in their ways with minor changes. Around the world, innumerable associations and web specialists utilize the two CMS to foster amazing sites and consider these CMS frameworks the most liberal and strong. WordPress has more imaginative highlights and different alternatives to fabricate sites more appealing than Drupal. On the other hand, Drupal looks more expert than WordPress to manage testing site projects. 

If you are still confused about which CMS is better for your website, you can contact Marketing Sweet professionals. We are experienced in developing websites with WordPress, Drupal. We do the best for your business. Please give us a call on 08 8337 4340 to know more about our services.      

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