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On-Page SEO Ranking Factors 2021

What is On-Page SEO?

What are On-Page SEO Ranking Factors 2021? On-Page SEO is the practice followed to make your site optimized to rank better on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Better ranking on search results is essential in driving a good amount of traffic to your site.

What is On-Page
Under On-SEO, practices followed require adjustment of the elements present on your site to make it easier for search engines to crawl. Both Content and all the HTML source codes are optimized in On-Page SEO.

Difference between On-Page v/s Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO:

It focuses on performing updations and optimizations on websites to improve its rankings on the SERP.

Difference between On-Page vs Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO:

It focuses on following practices that are done on external websites to derive the traffic to the main site. If you’re living in Brisbane, And do you want to avail the best SEO services in Brisbane, you can contact our SEO experts today!

Major factors that affect On-page SEO?

There are tons of factors that affect On-Page SEO and the following are the ones that have the heavy weightage in affecting SEO.

Keywords Research:

Keyword research is one of the most important steps to drive relevant traffic to your site. Having relevant and targeted audience traffic will result in high sales and revenue of your product or service and it can be done through keyword research.

Page Load Speed:

Page load speed is another important factor affecting the site’s ranking. Having high page load speed could result in a high bounce rate which can lead to a drop in the majority of your viewership.

Image Alt Tags:

Search Engines can crawl images only through alt tags and if you are avoiding the alt tags then you are leaving a lot of chunk of traffic on the table.

Internal Linking:

Internal linking your pages by forming a hierarchy for your content is a great way of boosting your site traffic and is a major plus point in the eyes of Search Engines.

URL Structure:

You should create URLs that are easy to read by both the users and the search engines.

Meta Description:

For improving the visibility of your web pages you should focus on optimizing meta descriptions. A better meta description can potentially help you to improve Click through Rate(CTR).

Keyword in Title, tags, and content:

Usage of the niche-specific keyword relevant to your content will improve your ranking and traffic at the SERP. Try to make your title catchy and clickable to boom the clicks and reach.
Tools to use for On-page

Heading Tags:

Using accurate keywords in H1, H2, H3 and H4 is also a good On-page SEO practice. Adding heading tags will improve the overall user experience as it will make the content look elegant, symmetric, and well structured.

Content of Page:

Putting out user’s interest-based content will result in a better user experience and will show decent improvement in rankings.


There is no limit to the length of the content till it satisfies the reader queries. Focus on creating value-driven content that users want to see and if you do so, the audience will read the content no matter if it is 500 words or 5000 words.

Plagiarised or Duplicate Content:

Never put plagiarized or duplicate content on the web. It can result in penalizing your site by search engines and will downgrade your site’s authority. So try to create unique content for each and every page of your website.

Tools to use for On-page:

  • Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer:

    It is an excellent tool for finding new keywords for deep targeting and also displays the date of the backlinks for the page ranking on the SERP.
  • Yoast SEO:

    It is used to add meta tags, titles, and structured data to the posts and even pages.
Tools to use for On-page
  • Copyscape:

    Copyscape scans billions of pages and checks if your content is unique. It prevents you from publishing duplicate content.
  • Google Developers PageSpeed Insight:

    It analyses your page and lets you know the areas of improvement to load faster and ultimately rank higher in search results.

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