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Simple Tools to Monitor SEO Ranking

Have you implemented the SEO on your website and want to check how it is going? Here are some simple tools to monitor SEO Ranking. Well, everyone wants to know about the progress of their work. You would also like to know which pages are performing well, ranking in top results and which pages require improvement. By checking the ranking of your web pages, you can get valuable insights that are the result of each SEO move you have implemented.

Have you implemented the SEO on your website and want to check how it is going? Well, everyone wants to know about the progress of their work. You would also like to know which pages are performing well, ranking in top results and which pages require improvement. By checking the ranking of your web pages, you can get valuable insights that are the result of each SEO move you have implemented.

What Is The Importance Of Monitoring The SEO Ranking?

It is quite obvious that you will not get a goal or conclusion if you only keep on doing the work and don’t bother to check the outcomes. It is not going to be worth it. In the same way, if you are performing SEO campaigns, then it is also desired to monitor the ranking to get the progress result. It will give you an idea about the effectiveness of the SEO practices that you are following on your website. It is very much required for the SEO company to provide the SEO ranking tool to its clients for better visibility and understanding. 

  • You can measure the effectiveness of the SEO work by monitoring the ranking. 
  • It will let you know whether you are on the right path or not or whether you require any changes.
  • What are the causes and outcomes of the optimization process.
  • You can measure the performance against your competitors.

It will be visible to you what changes your website is experiencing with the search engine ranking. By closely tracking the present and past ranking position of the webpage, you will be able to know the cause and effects of the SEO work. You should constantly carry out SEO testing on your web pages to check the impact on the search results.

With the proper monitoring of the SEO ranking, you will be able to decide if this current path is suitable for you or not. Depending upon the result, you can change the SEO campaigns and then observe the changes. 

It will give you a clear picture that you are doing well with your competitors. You can consider SEO as a race, and there are lots of contestants in that race, and if you do not run fast, then someone else will win the race. With the SEO ranking, you will know which one of your competitors is performing well. You can examine their work pattern and changes that they introduced on their website to better the search results. You do not have to copy all the tasks in the same manner as your competitors do. You have to keep an eye on what your top competitors are doing. 

What Metrics Do You Need To Track?

The most desired outcome that is preferred by the SEO campaign is to increase the keyword ranking. But you should also keep in mind that increasing the key performance indicator is not always related to the high ranking of the webpage. It is essential that you choose the right keyword that can catch the attention of the users. The list of the metrics varies from client to client. However, there are some of the common responses that most of the clients desire.

What Metrics Do You Need To Track
  • Higher click-through rate
  • More impressions
  • Reducing reliance on paid advertising
  • Reducing bounce rate
  • Reducing cost per sale
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Ranking #1 in industry
  • Increasing time on site

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SEO Ranking Tools

1. Google Analytics

The right analysis of the website gives you the right figure about the site performance, SEO performance, and general online visibility. By using Google Analytics, you can view how people are exploring your website, what pages are liked by the users, and the exit points. Google Analytics provides you with the raw data that you can use as a metric measure to check the movement of the users on your website. 

It is one of the most powerful free analytical tools that are available. You can get the knowledge about the traffic from where it is coming and which webpage is receiving the most. 

2. Google Search Console

You can get an accurate picture of the Google Search Console. It is completely free and can be easily used by all website owners. It shows only organic search traffic that is coming to your website. With this tool, anyone can understand and implement SEO changes. For the newbies of SEO, using Google Search Console is much easier than Google Analytics. You can get some of the data from this tool:

  • Number of website impressions
  • Keywords that users are using for navigating the page
  • Website crawl information
  • Average keyword ranking position by day
  • Number of website clicks
  • Index rate
  • Average click-through rate

3. ‘I Search From’ Keyword Rank Checker

This free tool allows users to check the Website’s Google ranking from any part of the country or world. Some of the information is required by users to provide while using this tool. The requires: 

  • The country where they want to see rankings
  • The language they want to see results for
  • The device where the search takes place

The tool provides an accurate picture of the website ranking for the specific keywords by providing all this information. Users get the live data, and thus, there would be no modification in the data. There is one drawback related to the I Search From tool. Users have the limitation to search a single keyword at a time. You cannot search dozens or even hundreds of keywords at a time with this tool. 

SEO Ranking Tools

4. Ahrefs SEO Tool

This is a third-party tool that most SEO professionals in the world prefer. With Ahrefs, users get accurate data about backlinks and competitors’ off-site data. The main attractive feature of this tool is that we get the total number of ranking keywords and the most valuable pages of competitors’ websites. The valuable pages provide an idea about the ranking keywords and their average traffic. But there are certain limitations related to the Ahrefs tool. Ahrefs has various limits. First off, the information that is shown sets aside long efforts to revive. The keyword information that shows up in the dashboard for Ahrefs can some of the time be as long as seven days old. Ahrefs have their own slither bots, which creep sites at an alternate rate to the Google search bots. It can take more time for keywords to invigorate, which influences the exactness of the information once in a while.

5. SEOquake

With the help of the SEOquake, users can do several tasks. They can do on-page SEO audits, real-time URL and domain comparison, internal and external link review, and data file export. This is a Google Chrome extension that is effective in checking the SEO parameter quickly and free of cost. You can get detailed information on how your website links are doing. Depending upon the parameters, you can get the report. Users can easily compare the different domains. 

6. HubSpot Website Grader

The aim of marketers is to generate traffic and lead via their business website. Because of that, the marketers keep on understanding the latest changes and improve the SEO of the Website. By using the HubSpot Website Grader, users get a report card that is full of the actionable things regarding the SEO efforts. 

  • You can find out about your site’s performance in not more than seconds. 
  • You can distinguish explicit execution issues and get clear, significant input on how you can fix them.
  • Get how-to schooling and on-request support on how you can improve your site. 
  • Find how to streamline your site for versatility. 
  • Figure out how you can execute site security best practices. 
  • Customize your site’s UX to make an awesome experience for clients.

Contact a SEO Expert

Now we think that you have got an idea about the tools that are used for monitoring the SEO rankings. You can use the most suitable one for observing your website performance. At Marketing Sweet, we provide our clients with the best ranking tools and factors to stand out from the crowd. Our SEO professionals provide the complete report of keyword rankings, traffic data, latest keywords, etc. To learn about how our Adelaide SEO services can meet your requirements, please give us a call at 08 8120 4075. We offer tailored solutions that will suit your unique industry and your goals. 

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