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How Can An SSL Certificate Help Your Google Ranking?

If you have a website, you must be familiar that there are nearly 200 search engine ranking factors that are strongly considered for deciding the ranking of the web pages in the search result pages.

Despite this knowledge, SEO experts do not have an exact idea about the algorithm that Google follows. It is because Google safeguards its information so that no one can try SEO manipulation and can rank their website with unfair means.

Google suggest that you should use good quality content and powerful links to improve your website ranking.

On 6 August 2014, Google said something very particular. On this date, Google confirmed that websites that are SSL certified would experience an advantage in the ranking results.

If there are two websites, one is SSL certified, and another one is not certified, then the privilege would be given to the website that is holding a certificate of security.

Still, there is no more information available about the concentrated information about the SSL certificate and its relation with the site’s search engine rankings. But in this article, we are providing whatever information we have with us.

So let us start our explanation of how SSL certificates affect SEO ranking.

What is an SSL Certificate?

First of all, let us know what an SSL certificate is. SSL is the acronym of Secure Sockets Layer. and it develops a safety and protective layer that protects the information and data of the users shared with the website.

SSL is a standard technology that is used for establishing the link between the server and browser that will be encrypted. This is used for maintaining the privacy of the data of the user that is sent to the web servers and browsers.

Visitors prefer the https:// website as these websites are secured, and they do not share the data to any third party, or no information is leaked from such websites. The right encryption methodology helps in protecting the data.

Why HTTPS Is More Secure Than HTTP

HTTPS offers improved information security by utilizing a couple of cryptographic keys. There’s a private cryptographic key that is introduced on the site, and there’s a public key given to guests. 

All information coming into and leaving HTTPS sites will be encoded. and it ensures that only visitors and websites can scrape that information.

By using the cryptographic keys, the man-in-the-middle cyber-attack gets reduced to a large extent. In this cyberattack, the modification and interception of data is done by the cyber hackers of unethical use.

If a guest finishes a web form containing their own data, a programmer may block it. HTTPS just gives sites and guests the cryptographic keys expected to unscramble the information, so utilizing this systems administration convention secures against MITM cyber attacks.

What Is The Role Of SSL Certificates On Search Engine Rankings?

Now we think that you have got some idea about SSL and how it operates. So now, let us discuss the main impact of the SSL on the SEO of the website. 

1. It Boosts The Search Engine Ranking

In the very beginning, we have mentioned that Google has officially announced that SSL certificates will be considered as the ranking factor

The website with the safety certificate enjoys better advantages from other websites which are not secured or encrypted. 

However, calculating the precise impact of SSL on the website ranking is a little difficult. It would not be easy to get the impact counted when you are comparing the same two sites that are SSL certificates. On the node, other factors become considerable.

The website owners should not assume that having an SSL certificate would magically propel the site ranking and place it on top. If you are considering all other ranking factors and doing the right things for your website, then having an SSL certificate will boost your ranking. 

The SSL certificate will give a much-required boost to your website in a tough and competitive environment.

2. Improves Users Experiences And Thus Improves Seo

There is no second opinion that an SSL certificate improves the expectation and experience of the users. If a visitor comes to your website and the website is unsafe, then he would leave the website and quit browsing. 

Google Chrome makes sure that most of the website should be secured and certified. By expressly disgracing decoded sites, Google Chrome is making the truly necessary mindfulness about web security among general web clients. 

They are currently substantially more mindful and reluctant in visiting decoded sites. Obtaining individual data on http://sites (locales without SSL declarations) is getting significantly more troublesome.

The conclusion is that a website that does not fulfil the user’s expectations and experience can never rank in the top position in the SERP

The website with the unencrypted and failed SSL certificate does not deliver a good user experience and thus gets a negative impact on the website ranking.

For example, if a user is searching for something and he lands on your website with the keyword via Google. 

He fills in all the required information and forms on your website, and then he notices that Google Chrome is indicating that the website is not secure, then he takes no seconds to quit it, and he will move to your competitor.

Google keeps on noticing all these things. If this type of incident occurs so many times, Google will ultimately remove you from the ranking positions. 

It is because so many people are quitting your website without getting the desired information that Google understands that your website is useful and it is not worthy of keeping it in the top-ranking position.

Thus it is very clear that having an insecure and unencrypted website directly leads to the demotion in the ranking on the result page. You will receive less traffic that will not be beneficial for your business too. Thus it is good that you move towards SSL certified websites. 

3. It Has An Effect On The Bounce Rates And Visitor’s Time 

If you haven’t introduced an SSL declaration on your webpage, site guests will see an admonition in the location bar saying ‘Not Secure!’ overlaid with a red X for all pages that don’t have HTTPS set up accurately. 

Contingent upon what sort of site you have, this may make guests leave your site. If you are offering the payment service or asking users to fulfil their email details on the website and your website lacks an SSL certificate, then no user will like to give their private data on such websites. 

They will not trust your website, and they will move on. Regardless of whether your site is simply instructive, non-clever guests may believe that the site is broken or hacked and rapidly click away.

It has a direct relation to your website bounce rate and SEO. Your website is probably going to be influenced. There is a positioning relationship between more extended time nearby and lower bob rates. 

If you have a page that is positioning great for a term and getting a decent active clicking factor, yet the actual page has a high bob rate, this is an indication to Google that your site isn’t giving clients the data that they’re searching for.

If your website receives a high bounce rate and low screen time from visitors, then Google will serve your websites as non-useful from the users perspective. 

This is particularly valid for destinations that are content-driven or those that aim to sell products or services. 

Having a high rate of clicks on the website means that users are getting the content on your website for which they are looking, but if you have not certified your website with the SSL certificate, then you will not win the confidence and trust of the users that will increase your website bounce rate. 

Everywhere and Always on SSL

To enjoy the maximum benefit of the SSL and to improve the SEO ranking, it is good that you enable SSL certificates on every webpage of your website, not only on the login or checkout page. Enabling SSL encryption on every page means that users will get a better experience. 

You might be knowing that Google creates the results of the web pages according to the page by page. If your page is generally important, Google shows that page. 

So to get the additional Google positioning lift that SSL gives, you should have HTTPS Everywhere or be termed as Always on SSL. 

Having an SSL certificate on each webpage means that everything that will occur on your webpage will be safe and secure, and that will ultimately boost your website ranking. Your website will reach closer to the top of the Google SERPs. 

You do not have to buy different certificates for securing your web pages. You only require one SSL certificate to secure all your website pages. 


If you want to get your website SSL secured or want to see a better ranking for your website, you can contact professionals of Marketing Sweets. 

Our website developers create websites that are fully secured and safe for users. We care about our clients. 

Thus we deliver every work in the same manner. We don’t believe in the hit-and-run approach because consistency and ongoing support form the backbone of long-term relationships that fuel incredible results.

For further information, you can contact us at 08 8120 4079. We are always available and happy to solve your query.

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