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Excellent SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design

Excellent SEO Tips that will improve your web design. A well-designed website is required for representing your business online. But if your website does not have good factors to rank, then no users will see it, and you will receive no leads. To avoid having such a type of site, you need to consider the best SEO practices that can make your website search engine friendly. Good SEO principles and the content will help you in ranking on the top result of Google. Also, your website will secure relevance in the eyes of search engines.

Seo tips that improve Your Web Design

Here we are providing some ways by which you can improve the SEO strength of the website you have designed.

Ensure Your Website Navigation Is Search Engine Friendly

Having good navigation on websites is effective in easy crawling. Also, you should be aware that using Flash for website navigation is not a good thing for your website as it is not web crawler-friendly. Instead, you can use CSS and Javascript to get several effects on your website without compromising the website’s SEO ranking. The navigation of the website should be similar both on the mobile and desktop versions. The header section should contain the categories that users demand and in an organized manner.

Keep Website Simple, Clean, and Relevant 

It is often seen that someone can advise you to keep your website simple. But the simplicity of your website is a key to a great UX. Users prefer relevant information over much work on your website. You should range the categories and modules of your website in such a manner so that users can get them at their convenience. The presence of distraction on your website is not good from the user’s point of view. Your website should have sufficient white area to give the eye adequate room and never permit squares of text. Give your clients a basic route insight and assist them with getting direct A toward point B at the earliest opportunity. 

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Keep Your Content Fresh.

No one prefers to read outdated content; even search engines don’t like them. If you have a website on which content has not been updated for a long time, then there is a possibility that your website will lose the top ranking. Also, you will experience a high number of bounce rates. Users easily turn off websites that do not appear fresh. So it is very important that you should keep your website content updated. Regularly checking the websites will also bring in your knowledge if your website has any broken or lost links. If you publish blogs on your site, you should not keep a long gap between two posts. These all things will help you in improving the SEO of your website.

Add Footer Links To Every Page.

There is an effective way to boost your website SEO ranking by providing the link between two web pages in simple anchor text with the targeted keyword. But there are most websites that use graphical, JavaScript or Flash navigation, and they do not allow the use of simple anchor text. In that case, you can use a footer link to provide the link between your pages. Then, you can use the targeted keyword in the anchor text and get a ranking for that. 

Loading Speed is Key

Time is money, and individuals who regard themselves will frequently say “NO” to such websites whose loading speed is low. Page loading speed is a perceived SEO factor. Google announced it a couple of years back. After that, each website specialist and web designer comprehend the significance of page loading speed. Because of that, compressed images, documents and good hosting plans are preferred. Your websites should not have a page loading time of more than 5 seconds. In the current time, no one has enough time to wait for a heavy website to load, and then they can get the information. Thus it would help if you consider the loading speed of your website when you are designing it according to the SEO perspective.

Use Meta Description Tags

Use Meta Description Tags

The meta description is the content that appears when you get results from search engines. That description provides web surfers ideas about your website. You should write a meta description in such a manner so that it can convince the users to click on your website link. Thus, it offers you the best opportunity to stand out from your competitors. Google also looks at the meta description of the websites, so you should not use any duplicate content. There are 160 characters in length, including the white spaces. Thus you should use the right keywords in the meta description. 

Reduce Code Bloat

The spiders of Google always keep checking for unique content. If you use too much CSS and Javascript in your HTML tag, it becomes difficult for Google spiders to find them. You might be knowing that it is good to use the CSS and Javascript files externally to reduce the page loading speed. Thus you should try to reduce the code bloat of your website so that spiders can read the actual content of your website. Excessive use of code increases the website’s loading speed, and the chances of error occur.


Optimize for Mobile

The mobile industry is increasing day by day. The mobile is now a digital device that most people prefer to get the review of the product and services. The number of users who scroll Google is more from mobile than desktop. If you see around yourself, you will notice that most individuals do not live without mobile and internet connections. If individuals can stretch and explore through your site by utilizing the phone, they will not spare a moment returning repeatedly.

Make Each Page Unique.

The ranking of the website is decided on the basis of the relevancy of the content. Therefore, Google gives preference to websites that have unique content. So that every content of the webpage should be unique and relevant, the duplicate content should not be present on your website. If you use content already used somewhere else, then Google will ignore that content, and you will not get a good ranking. 

Block Pages You Don’t Require Search Engines Index. 

Every website has some pages that are not required to be indexed on the search engines. The web pages such as server-side scripts do not add any value to the website content and do not require to be indexed on the search engines. There will be some web pages that you might have designed for checking the website’s working pattern. Then there is no need to expose such web pages to Google bots. There are several ways by which you can block the indexing of such web pages. You can use a robots.txt file to improve the performance of your website.     

Final Thought

You can improve the design and SEO perspective of the website by several methods. First, you should always keep on monitoring the latest Google trends to make your website rank well in the search engine results. Second, you should ensure that your website’s content is fresh and up to date. If you want help in your SEO strategy, then you can contact Adelaide SEO professionals of Marketing Sweet. We have years of experience in designing the website with the best SEO practices. We are a full-service digital agency that offers all services at the most reasonable price. We are the marketing company that cares. You can give us a call on 08 8337 4340 to know more about our services.

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