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Follow These Tips When Scouting for a Premier Web Developer Digital Marketing Agency

Web development refers to the technical and structural aspects of your website’s functionality. Your web developer makes web design work in practical terms, and this process involves many elements, including domain management, sitemap architecture, programming, coding, and security procedures. So, it is safe to say that web developers are critical in the web design process, as is your web designer. This is the professional who will create an online face for your company and enable you to interact with your clients. You must hire the right web developer the first time around to avoid risking your business’ sales and growth. Hiring a web developer doesn’t have to be difficult, and we have prepared eight tips to help you choose the right web developer.

Your Business and Web Development

A team of web developers working cohesively to make Marketing Sweet one of the premier digital marketing agencies in Australia
There’s more to a web developer than meets the eye

A web developer will boost your search performance since they will build your website to be search-engine friendly. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the techniques used to ensure your website ranks highly on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Research proves that more than 70% of all purchase decisions happen online. This means that an excellently designed website with SEO optimised keywords will help you rank highly and gain traffic. However, you must identify your target audience to create SEO optimised keywords. Today’s target market is found increasingly online. Your website should meet the demands of your target market. A reputable web developer will take the time to understand your customers. This will enable them to create features and functionalities best suited to draw in the new and maintain the existing traffic. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Web Developer

Here are nine tips to help you select an excellent web developer for your business;

  1. Consider your needs

When hiring a web developer, the first thing to do is to identify your needs. Business owners often tell web developers that they want a good-looking and modern website. Others will say that they simply want a website that will rank highly. However, their ultimate desire is to have a website that will convert, make money for their business, and improve their branding. A website can look amazing but fail to deliver according to your needs. So, it would help if you asked yourself questions like; 

  • Do I need a website that performs well on mobile devices? 
  • What elements work specifically to attract customers in my industry?
  • Will site architecture matter in sales conversions?

If you are unsure where to start, look at some of the websites you follow. What designs appeal to you? What don’t you like about these websites? Create a list of these things, and your developer will have a better idea of what you want. 

  1. Ask for a portfolio

Always ask to see a portfolio when choosing a web developer. Any reputable web developer will be willing to show you their portfolio. The portfolio will give you a feel of what your developer offers. It will help you decide whether to move forward with the hiring process or whether to continue your search. At Marketing Sweet, we have categorised our portfolios according to the different industries we have handled. 

  1. Experience

Almost every developer will tell you that they have been in the industry for some years. However, the best way to gauge a web developer’s experience level is to see their past projects and know what previous clients say about them. Check their website for referrals and case studies. Watch out for web developers with only positive reviews since they may not be genuine. You can also ask for two or three current clients. The web development agency will give you its best-performing clients. However, it is a good sign if they can deliver for three clients.

  1. What technical skills does your developer have?

A reputable web developer will have various technical skills. However, not all websites are designed to do the same thing. It helps if you look for a web developer that will deliver on your specific needs. Here are the skills your web developer should have;

  • Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator 
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript

A web development company that can code and design is the best to work with. The developer will also have advanced knowledge in Content Management Systems like WordPress, Magneto, and BigCommerce. 

  1. Consider your budget

Designing and developing a website can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. However, it depends on what you want and who you work with. Web developers will look at factors like the intricacy of the design, the number of pages, and any unique functionality when preparing a quote. So, keep your budget in mind and ask your web developer the cost of an average project. If your budget is closer to their average price, you can work with that agency. However, you may move on to the next designer on your list if the difference is too much. 

Understanding our clients on both a professional and personal level helps make Marketing Sweet a premier web developer digital marketing agency
A web developer that goes the extra mile
  1. Communication

What happens if your website gets hacked, experiences errors or isn’t performing as expected? You will need assistance from your web developer. So, you must choose a developer who responds quickly since any downtime translates to lost earnings. Although your web developer has other clients to care for, they should respond to your phone calls or emails as quickly as possible, or have someone reach you on their behalf. Ask your web developer whether they can comfortably accommodate you and provide quick turnaround times on tasks. Ensure you ask them about their available hours for handling any potential crisis. In most agencies, you will have contact with a project manager who will then instruct the web developer to complete tasks for you.

  1. How will the web developer bill you?

Digital marketing companies and freelance web developers bill their clients in various ways. They can bill by the hour or have a monthly fee with additional billable projects that extend outside the contract. Ensure that your web developer has a detailed tracking system that records each task performed and the time it took to complete. The web developer should provide this record at the end of each month. This record allows your web developer to remain accountable, and you can know where you are spending your money. 

  1. Is the web developer a good fit?

You want somebody who is a good fit for your business and can develop a long-term relationship with you. Experience is essential, but so are the values that your company holds. Always ensure that the developer is compatible with your organisation’s values and culture.

  1. Custom design solutions

The best advice for selecting a web developer is to choose someone you can trust. A premier web developer digital marketing agency will put you first and be committed to your project.

Marketing Sweet is a web design and development agency based in Adelaide. We pay close attention to every aspect of your website, with Page 1 Rankings on our minds. Our team will not take any shortcuts when developing your website. We can upgrade your website or start from the ground up and create a new one for you if that’s what you’re after.

What Makes Marketing Sweet Your Preferred Ecommerce Marketing Agency?

Marketing Sweet comprises a team of expert web designers, developers and specialists. The team is ready to provide custom solutions for your eCommerce marketing campaign. Due to a wealth of expertise, we provide our clients with incredible websites which are created with Google in mind to generate the necessary traffic to your website. You can rely on our team to manage your online marketing strategy and for the growth of your business. 

Contact Marketing Sweet today to experience our difference.

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