How to find a good SEO expert – Part 10


Welcome to the final instalment of what to look for when hiring a professional SEO expert.

We’ve covered a lot of ground, and by now you should be well-armed with all the information you need to ensure you get a good SEO expert who can generate you some good results.

The final thing to ask, though, is: what happens when the contract ends? Or if I go with someone new after a while? What will happen to my results?

Your results shouldn’t disappear when they do

A content-based SEO strategy should mean your results are permanent. If an SEO expert writes copy, creates menu structures or customises meta tags for your website, this content belongs to you – you paid for it after all.

This is another important aspect to clarify upfront with any potential SEO expert. Along with knowing what they will do and how they will do it, you should also make the intellectual property ownership clear from the outset.

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