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Learn How to Choose the Best Online Advertising Agency

As we move away from traditional media and onto digital platforms, choosing the best online advertising agency to represent your business is in your best interests. Consumers no longer rely on newspaper ads and magazines to find the latest trend, products or services. Instead, they refer to social media and other online platforms such as Facebook, Google and business websites. In today’s technological age, it may seem harder to reach your target market due to the amount of information online. As a result, businesses will hire a marketing company to stay ahead of the competition.

These online advertising agencies help them achieve the best search engine rankings and convert casual website visitors into paying customers. Choosing the right agency for your business can be tricky – what sets the best online advertising agencies aside? In our option, the key factor to look for is experience.

Why Experience Matters When Choosing the Best Online Advertising Agency

A design meeting at Marketing Sweet, one of Australia's best online advertising agency
Different online marketing strategies impact your business differently. So, choose the one that works best for you.

Large companies have tons of resources to devote to your business, but just because they’re flashy doesn’t mean they’ll deliver results. Agencies with the most experience will be able to deliver on the promises they’ve made since they’ve proven themselves time and time again.

Agencies with experience can develop websites that are sure to provide better results each year. They’ll be able to make marketing plans that bring ongoing improvements and increase sales for your business.

When choosing an online advertising agency, it’s best to look for one with experience, a large client base and industry knowledge. Don’t choose agencies because of their flashy websites that offer vague results. Experienced agencies will have clear proof of their capabilities and are willing to highlight them on the website. Here are two things you can do to determine if an online advertising agency is experienced or not;

1. Review Their Client Portfolio

The best online advertising agencies are proud to present their past projects and client base. If you’re ever unsure of whether an agency has experience or not, try and find their client portfolio.

Sometimes the agency’s portfolio can be found on their websites, while other times, you’ll need to do some digging. For example, at Marketing Sweet, you can find our client portfolio online. However, you might need to check other agencies’ social media platforms to find out more about their experience.

Either way, it’s best practice for online advertising agencies to create portfolios of past work. You’ll want to skip past agencies that boast huge client achievements and growth but aren’t willing to show it.

2. Read Their Testimonials

A great way to understand the experience an agency has is by reading their testimonials. Happy clients are more than willing to leave reviews for the best agencies they’ve worked with. This may be on social media platforms like Facebook, Google or even by email. Agencies that display their testimonials often have great knowledge and experience in the marketing field.

If you’re unable to find any testimonials or reviews for the agency you’re looking at, it might be a red flag. It could mean that they don’t deliver on their promises or achieve bad results. However, it could also mean that the agency is new and doesn’t have an established client base yet.

Marketing Sweet – A Marketing Company with the Best Customer Service

A client meeting at Marketing Sweet, one of Australia's best online advertising agency
 A professional internet marketing agency can help with cost-effective methods of boosting your business

At Marketing Sweet, our mission as a marketing agency is to make marketing decisions & implementation easy for business owners. We achieve this by providing an outstanding service that focuses on reliability, communication and industry knowledge.

Using our experience and obsession with being the best, we have achieved thousands of page 1 rankings on Google for our clients. In addition, we stay up to date with the latest and most innovative technology.

Our core values are built around robust, sustainable strategies that evolve with time. Therefore, our clients will never become obsolete as the marketing industry changes in the future. We do all this while being creative, generous and offering the best client experience possible.

Here are three reasons why you should choose us as your marketing agency. Firstly, we’ll help you establish your marketing strategy. This will give you a clear idea of where to go and how to get there. Next, we’ll show you how to find your customers by building a group of buyers on your marketing platforms. Lastly, we show you what technology is best for your campaign.

We’ll walk you through advertising platforms and content creation tools step-by-step. Contact us for an in-depth walkthrough of what we can do for your campaign. But don’t just take our word for it. We have over 300 five-star reviews on Facebook and Google combined. You can also read testimonials from our clients to better understand our client experience and marketing services.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right marketing agency can be stressful. However, by following these steps, you’re bound to find an agency that’s right for you. If you’d like to choose us as your next marketing agency, contact us today or book an appointment with us. You can also explore our site directory to see all the marketing services we have to offer. We hope to hear from you soon!

We’re innovators at heart - so when you partner with Marketing Sweet, know that we’ll always be thinking about the future with something exciting on the horizon.

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