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The Best Lead Forms for WordPress Websites

What are the best lead forms for WordPress Websites? The process of converting potential visitors into customers is termed lead generation in digital marketing. A lead could be anything. If somebody has downloaded a digital book, or they may have contacted your sales group for a quotation. Depending upon the manner in which you qualify leads, you may circle back to these 2 gatherings of individuals in an unexpected way.

Clients are required for the growth of the business. And to get those clients, you need to showcase themselves and gain the consideration of possible clients and publicize the services that you can offer them. Due to this reason, Lead Generation is quite significant in digital marketing. When a lead has been made, it would then be able to be sent to the sales group for them to support and, afterward, convert into a purchasing client. This should be possible in a variety of ways. It may be a chance; the client’s email is added to an email bulletin for additional information, or a call could be made to the customer.

If you want the best lead forms for your WordPress websites then you can contact the Adelaide website design specialists of Marketing Sweet.

Because of the changes and innovation, there is much more that should now be possible with the data acquired from your Lead Generation and digital marketing strategy. There’s a product that can follow item interest and client propensities, patterns can be investigated and make it simpler to focus on your potential client by means of online media notice.

With lead generation, you would be able to know about the perspective of the users. You can get the desired perspective in different ways.

  • You can ask your users to join your email newsletter.
  • Reach your company through live chat.
  • Propose a contact or inquiry form on the website.
  • Speak to a chatbot.
  • Ask your sales team or book a call with them.

So how to get these leads for your website? Trouble not, here we are providing some of the best lead forms that you can use for your WordPress website and can enjoy the leads.

The best Lead Forms

Gravity Forms

The most used lead form for WordPress websites is the Gravity Forms. Till now 3 million users have downloaded this form. It is a contact and lead generator form that moves website visitors towards a sale. This is a simple drag and drop form, so users can easily use them as per their convenience. Depending upon the needs, it is customizable too. It is not necessary that you should know the hardcore coding for using this lead form. You only have to use the shortcode to add it to any place on your website. It is popular for:

  • Creating a newsletter signup form
  • The lead form is Sign up and Sign-in forms.
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Request information form
  • Request a quote form.
  • Subscriptions and email collection

The best part about this WordPress lead form is that it can be coordinated with your number one CRM, email showcasing programming. Gravity Forms has an implicit network with numerous email suites. In case, if you can’t discover your email advertising suite in the mixed territory, you can utilize webhooks to interface it.

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Contact Form 7

The next lead form is Contact Form 7. It is great for creating forms for WordPress-based websites. Also this Contact Form 7 can be used in multiple scenarios. You can use it for getting feedback about your service, collect the leads, and can integrate with the MailChimp and Active Campaigns. By using the simple shortcode, you can easily integrate it into your post and pages. You can also add it to your website widget for adding site-wide forms. With simple markup, you can make the customization in the form and the mail contents flexible.


Another lead form for WordPress-based websites is the Forminator. This offers multiple forms for your website. You will get a contact form, subscription form, payment form, and another form that you will need on your website. Forminator collects all data in the database of WordPress. It gives you the freedom to easily transfer your data to the desired destination. You can integrate this lead form with HubSpot, MailChimp, Trello, ActiveCampaigns, and Google Sheets. If you wish to add the form with multiple web applications then you can integrate it with Zapier. The best part about utilizing Forminator is that it is totally free and offers various approaches to connect with guests like forms and polls.

If you want the best lead forms for your WordPress websites then you can contact the Adelaide website design specialists of Marketing Sweet.

Ninja Forms

This is a popular drag and drop form builder for WordPress websites. The reason for its popularity is the creation of user-friendly forms without writing any single line of code. Users get a wide variety of forms with Ninja Forms, and they can select the most appropriate one according to the demand of their webpage. After collecting the data in the Ninja Forms, you can easily export that data through email, PDFs, to the desired location and you can also store it in excel sheets. This form is capable of collecting the payment information too. It tends to be incorporated with PayPal and Stripe to make a checkout structure. The structure is viable with numerous email channels and CRM suites like Zoho, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier, and MailChimp.


Now the turn comes of HubSpot. It is a CRM suite that comes with its own form plugin. This lead form allows users to create a form and use it easily on posts and pages. These forms are naturally incorporated with HubSpot. Whenever an individual visits the HubSpot page and enters their data in the form, the data is consequently put away on the HubSpot CRM. The structure comes pre-coordinated and doesn’t need any manual customizations. You can even change the design of the HubSpot form to make it engaging for the users.

Optin Forms

This is one of the free form developing plugins for WordPress websites. You will get a simple layout form that is connected with the database of WordPress. Whatever thing is filled in the Optin form, that directly gets saved in the database. Users can easily use this form on the post, page, and other places of the website. Also with the use of the HTML code, you can embed it on a widget.

There are multiple templates available on this form and you can choose the most pleasing one according to your website theme. You can also integrate your Optin form with email marketing solutions including iContact, MadMimi, MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Interspire Email Marketer, and ConvertKit.

Capture & Convert

The users that are looking to improve the performance of their website can go with the Capture & Convert form. This is available in the form of a plugin. And this plugin offers multiple conversion forms. A beginner can use the Capture & Convert form for creating the gated content. Also for capturing the leads, you can add floating bars, hello bars, and site-wide widgets on your website. The best thing about this WordPress lead form is that it is lightweight and available freely. By using the shortcode, you can easily use it in any part of your website.


These are some of the best lead forms that you can use for your WordPress website. Most of these forms are flexible and easy to customize according to the requirements of the users. It helps you in collecting more leads for your website. You can also integrate these forms with the third-party app and can save the data both on WordPress and in the CRM.

If you want the best lead form for your WordPress website then you can contact the Adelaide website design specialists of Marketing Sweet. We have well-skilled and experienced website specialists in our team that can make your website look awesome and increase the number of leads for your business. To know more about our assistance, you can give us a call on 08 8120 4075.

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