Using Yoast to Improve Google Recognition

When it comes to search engine rankings, people are often prepared to go the extra mile to make sure their website stand out. Today, billions of websites are available on the internet, making it remarkably challenging for businesses to appear on the first page on a variety of search engines, especially Google.

Let’s say you earn a lot of backlinks from authority websites every month, the content you’re producing is spectacular and you provide full guides, video tutorials, infographics, and almost everything that can keep your users engaged. Yet, after all this effort, there is still minimal traffic going through your website. What exactly is it that’s keeping your website from ranking higher on Google?

The issue you’re facing is having minimal SEO optimization experience. If you don’t know how it works, hire an SEO agency to get the job done. Alternatively, you can use the SEO Yoast plugin to optimize your content for search engines. Let’s see how this works.


1. SEO Yoast Plugins for SERP Rankings

If you want your website to rank better on Google, it is vital to hire a professional SEO company to implement the right on-page SEO optimization strategies. But you can do this on your own too! All that is required of you is to install the free SEO Yoast plugin in WordPress, that’s it! This plugin is downloaded by 135 million+ users. The SEO Yoast plugin is easy to use and provides amazing SEO benefits. Let’s have a look at the working of this exceptional WordPress Plugin by Yoast.

2. The Working of SEO Yoast Plugin

Immediately after installing this plugin, you will see the snippet editor column below all of your pages and posts. The snippet editor shows how your content appears on Google.

You get three columns in the snippet editor; the meta-description, adding a keyword, and slug. If you are unsure about the right keyword building strategy, receive assistance from a reliable SEO company. Make sure that the key phrases used play a crucial role in ranking your website. In fact, key phrases are the first thing Google checks on your website. Without suitable keywords, your website and posts will be extremely hard to find on Google.

It is also important to note that adding keywords to your title, meta-descriptions and slug can help you get better SERP rankings. The SEO Yoast will suggest where you must consider using focused keywords. From here, you only require setting focused keywords and the plugin will tell you where the keyword insertion can benefit your website’s rankings.

3. SEO Yoast Give Suggestions on Improving Overall Website’s Ranking

The best part about SEO Yoast is that it not only enables users to add focused keywords to the title, slug, or content, but it also checks your page for other ranking factors. An example of this includes the display of necessary suggestions that can improve your search engine’s rankings, such as adding outbound links, internal links, images, alt-text, and a readability score, as well as other factors such rank boosting factors.

To get more benefits, you can opt for the premium version of SEO Yoast or hire an SEO company to get better keyword strategies and take your website to the next level.

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