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What Are Different Steps To Optimise Your Online Store?

Are you experiencing the desired performance with your online store? If not, then you might be missing or ignoring some desired factors for your online store.

Every ecommerce store holds some priorities, which may vary from owner to owner. But when it comes to performance, every owner goes with the same wavelength. And there is a strong reason behind this. The existence of an ecommerce website is truly dependent on the way it performs, not on what it delivers. Even the best-designed website will not be effective in attracting customers if it lacks the desired elements. The success ratio of ecommerce websites is dependent on the traffic and conversion rates. More online traffic implies more conversion rates, and it will result in greater revenue and profit.

Here we are providing some of the ways by which you can optimize your online store.

Go With The Right Domain Name

You can not emphasize more on the domain name of your online store. However, the domain name you should choose must include the name of the product or service you are offering to your clients. For example, if you are selling toys, then you should ensure that the domain name should be like or The length of the domain name should also be short so that users can easily remember that. For example, suppose there are two domain names.


So which one is easier for you to remember? Most of you will go with option 1. Thus get your online store domain name short in length. 

Go With The Right Domain Name

Make Use Of High Quality And Relevant Keywords

To boost the online performance of your online store, you should use relevant and high impression keywords in the content of the website. For example, you can use the keywords in the title of the website, headings, main body, and meta description of every webpage.

Having relevant keywords on the website attracts the targeted customers. And using high-precision keywords helps in attracting more numbers of visitors to online stores. You can take the help of the Google Keyword Planner tool to get the correct information about the relevant and high-precision keywords. But you should always keep this thing in mind to avoid the overstuffing of keywords in your website because Google penalizes your website for such type of action. The keyword density should be near about 1% on a single page to be on the safer side.

Contact Information Should Be Visible To Visitors

It is another way to optimize your online store. The contact information should be placed at such a location so that visitors can easily see them. It is better to place all contact information on the website header. This process eases the clients to contact you regarding the product and services that you are offering. And if they are concerned about your product or service, it is most likely that they will purchase the goods.   

Contact Information Should Be Visible To Visitors

Try To Show Products On Main Page

In a study, it is found that most of the purchases done by consumers are from the first page of the website. Having a product on the main page is considered as the influencing factor for users to make them shop from online stores. So it is beneficial for you to show the popular goods on the first page of the website so that more and more views can be done and you receive good revenue with that. The performance of your online store would be positively affected by such work.

Practice Link Building

Building good quality links is directly related to the boost in search engine ranking. The amount of online traffic also gets up with the practice of good quality link building. Search engines examine the number of links that are directed towards your website, and they determine the popularity of the website. If your website is receiving more inbound links and is quite popular over the net, then your online store will experience a boost in SERPs ranking.

Reduce And Optimize Page Load Time

The time taken by the website to display the content on the screen is termed page load time, and it should be a minimum of 2 to 3 seconds. A fast loading page results in a better experience for the users and is also loved by search engines. By optimizing the page load time, you will experience some benefits. First one, it decreases the bounce rate as users will get a fast-loading site, then they will not move to another site. Secondly, it is good for improving search engine rankings. Google gives priority to the fast-loading pages and keeps them higher in the SERPs result. 

Reduce And Optimize Page Load Time

Include Sitemap To Improve Online Visibility

Including sitemaps is a good practice for improving online stores on search engines. Most of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more check out the sitemap of the website to involve them in their list. Having sitemaps ensures that all your web pages would be indexed in the correct format, and that will result in increased performance of the online store.

Follow 10 Seconds Website Test

If users do not get the desired information from the website, then they leave the site within 10 seconds. To avoid such a type of activity, you should keep yourself in the shoes of the customers and ask the following questions.

  • Is this site worth spending 10 seconds? 
  • Does this site offer a clear view for which you are looking?

If you do not get the answer to the above questions, then you should think about revamping your website. You should contact any professional website designer to improve the performance of online stores.

Check Out Potential Problems

Being a website owner, you should consider the problem that users might face. You can assume yourself as a user, and you should prepare a note that you will prefer to form an online store, and according to that, you can design your online store. It is a good way to boost the performance of the online store. There should be an easy return and replacement policy to build the trust of the users. Customer support should be available online so that users can solve their queries regarding products and other policies.  

Check Out Potential Problems

Provide Offers And Discounts For Promotion

We all keep on looking for the occasion when offers and discounts will come, and we can save cost on purchase. The promotional offers and discounts are good for catching the attention of users towards online stores. You can provide great deals on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other such occasions when people love to shop for themselves and others. It will result in an increase in traffic to your online store.


We all know that there is always room for improvement, and we should keep on improving day by day. Next time when you are going to design your online store, you should use all the above-described points so that you can experience success in your online store. You have to give your best to online stores to get an effective outcome.
There are so many possible aspects of optimizing the online store and if you don’t have an exact idea how to start the process, then contact professionals of Marketing Sweets. We have skilled professionals that are equipped with the right knowledge to improve the performance of your online store. You can contact us at 08 8337 4340 for further information.

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