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What Types of Backlinks You Need to Know for SEO

Having quality backlinks on your website takes it to another level. Backlinks are considered an important factor for SEO. The world of SEO does not get complete without backlinks. Backlinks compromise inbound and inbound links.

Search engines, including Google, consider backlinks as the number of votes for the desired page from another website. The web pages that are equipped with more backlinks get high organic traffic and ranking in SERP.

The number of votes on the website gives the idea that your content is reliable, informative and valuable. So the number of votes is directly related to the higher ranking in Google and other search engines.

Google keeps on changing algorithms for improving user experience. And according to that, you should also change your website backlinks so that you do not encounter any penalties or side effects.

Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Previously not much focus was given on the source of the link from where it is coming. The only aim was to get quantity links for promoting websites. Also, mass link building was considered as the legitimate way to improve the website ranking in SERP before Google Penguin Update.

But Google Penguin Update in 2012 was released with the motive to avoid the marketer’s manipulation. Basically, Penguin update targeted those websites that were buying links and getting links from link farms, content farming and using sneaky methods to get large numbers of spammy backlinks. From then, SEO professionals started giving priority to Google preference, i.e. of relevant and high-quality backlinks. And started avoiding spammy backlinks that deliver no value. 

What Type Of Backlinks Are Useful?

You should consider this point that every backlink is not equal, and it will not give you the same result. To get a better ranking in SERP, you should focus on creating quality backlinks. A single high-quality backlink is much better than 1000 low quality and spammy backlinks. High-quality backlinks have many traits that you should consider.

Backlinks from highly authoritative and trusted websites, pages that relate to your business, webpages going to be linked for the first time, do follow and match your target keywords etc., are useful backlinks.

Types Of Backlinks To Boost Your Website Performance

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Now here comes the points on how you can achieve such high-quality backlinks. One of the simple ways is to do guest blogging and outreach it further. You can improve your SEO techniques by following guest blogging. It is one of the most preferred and simple methods to get backlinks for your website. Whenever you post good quality content on other websites, then you get a chance to add editorial backlinks to your content. If you keep on posting on high-quality websites, then your website will experience high authority and reliability with powerful publication.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

Editorial Backlinks

It is another type of backlink that is good for attracting customers to your website. With the best quality content, you can achieve high-quality backlinks. The main aim of such a type of link is to support the best quality content by sharing it to a large number of audiences. Your website should include useful information, infographics, images and other media content so that users can find it useful. The main aim of editorial backlinks is to share useful information to others.

Editorial Backlinks

Relationship-Based Backlinks

You will not be wrong if you consider this type of backlink as the variation of an editorial link. This type of link is created when you create a bond or link with journalists and webmasters. By this, they start referring to your address while writing the useful content with valuable sources; because of that, it is known as a relation-based backlink. You can also make your editorial link into a relationship based backlink by reaching out to the source website.   

Relationship-Based Backlinks

NoFollow links

When people started generating a bunch of backlinks with unethical methods on blogs, developers took out the option of a nofollow tag to curb it at some limit. It can be added in the HTML code, and then Google does not give any attention to such links. It is very clear that NoFollow links will not be as worthful as dofollow links will be, but there should be a healthy balance between these two to get a better ranking on SERP. 

DoFollow Links

It is the default attribute of most of the hyperlinks. There is no requirement of additional code to make any link dofollow link. They make their contribution in search engine ranking and thus are mostly preferred by all. 

Acknowledgment Backlinks

Another popular backlink option that you might have encountered is the acknowledgment backlinks. Sites regularly distribute affirmations when a brand makes a gift or has an agent talking at or supporting an industry occasion, and so on. Search engine optimization devices that perceive where your rivals acquire their backlinks can assist you with distinguishing and plan around likely freedoms for procuring your own affirmations also.

Acknowledgment Backlinks

Image Or Infographic Backlinks

Do you know the process of how you can generate two backlinks without involving much effort? Yes, you are right; it can be achieved with images. Individuals share and like infographics that are clear with design and uniquely offer the right information. When you have to create attractive infographics, then unique content is not required; you only have to present it in an engaging and digestible manner. In a report, it is found that blogs, articles that have infographics receive more inbound links.

Image Or Infographic Backlinks

Business Profile Backlinks

Digital marketers find ease in gaining backlinks with the directory listing. But you need to be careful with the spammy directories and go with the well-reputed location for listing business. One of the most right places to start is search engine business directories.

  • Google My Business- It is the most important business directory that is present online. Setting your account on this helps you improve and optimize the online business presence both on Google search results and Google maps. 
  • Yahoo local works- With this, digital marketers get ease in managing the directory listing over 70 platforms just by a single interface.
  • Being a place for business-  Near about 12 billion searches are done on this by 850 million individuals on this platform, and the majority of them are from the USA. So by listing your business details on this, you will be improving your website visibility on Bing search results.  

Some of the useful directories link-

Comment Backlinks

You get the option to add comments on a blog post by including a link. Sometimes, this approach may impact the link building process as spammers try to abuse such links. If you add comments to high-quality content, you will improve the website’s presence and visibility on search engines. But it would help if you tried not to overdo it. Comment only on your business-related and high-quality blogs.

Comment Backlinks

301 Redirect Backlinks

This backlink is related to the permanent waving of the web pages from the previous location to the current location. Therefore, it is the genuine way to inform search engines and users about the new URL of your webpage. 

301 Redirect Backlinks

What Type Of Backlinks Should You Avoid?

All types of backlinks do not offer the same benefit, and you should keep in mind what type of backlink you should avoid. There are mostly three types of backlinks that should be avoided. 

  • Irrelevant Links

Having irrelevant links on your website means that you do not care about your website. The best type of links are editorial links, and they mostly appear inside the main body of content that directs readers to some additional useful information. But links that are placed in random manners aren’t good.

  • Paid Backlink Packages

You should try to avoid the backlinks packages that service providers offer. Such service providers get stuck to the newbies who want thousands of backlinks just for achieving a good position on search engines. But they lack the idea about the actual process of how backlinks can be generated organically. Instead, these service providers use softwares for spamming the links on social pages and forums over the internet. You will easily get lots of backlinks by this, but you may encounter ranking penalties in place of ranking improvement. 

  •  Low-quality Or Irrelevant Directory Links

Suppose you create backlinks by creating profiles on irrelevant directories. In that case, it will affect your website ranking because Google will start viewing such backlinks as spammy and affect your SEO work. 

  • PR Release Links

You will get bad quality backlinks with press releases if not done properly. The process of doing it is very important. Google has also announced that it doesn’t like backlinks that come from low quality or no value press releases.

  • Sitewide Footer Or Sidebar Links

Most webmasters add multiple links in the site sidebar and footer section. and users never give importance to such places that are in these two places of the website.


Finally, we are here. We think that you must have got the desired idea about backlinks, its impacts, types and elements of each backlink.  To get a better position and value in the eyes of Google, you need to focus on high-quality backlinks.

If you need good quality backlinks, then you can contact professionals of Marketing Sweet. We have well skilled and experienced SEO professionals that work according to the guidelines of Google.

You can contact us at 08 8337 4340 to know more about our services.

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