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What Are The Essential Components Of The Business Website?

What Are The Essential Components Of The Business Website? You need a well-designed website for making your online presence. Additionally, word of mouth and social media platforms are also effective in reaching your potential client, but having a website is the core part of this. Also, as per research, it is found that 1 out of 5 clients will consider your business if you do not have an online website.

With this article, you will be able to know the importance of having a website and what it should look like, what will be its key components and other things. When you come to know about the right key components of your website, you will end up having a well-organized and designer website. So have a look at each of the components one by one.

The Rightly Organized Navigation Bar

Most of the users prefer easy-to-navigate websites. You may also be falling into this category. It is seen that some of the small business sites do not hold the right navigation bar, which upsets the client experience. You should web design a user-friendly navigation bar. You should consider some of the points:

  • The navigation should be located at the top of the web pages. It should not be limited to the homepage. More importantly, your navigation should be a sticky navbar; when users scroll your web page, the navigation should be fixed in its place and should be at the top position. 
  • There should be a link to all other web pages of your website in the navigation bar. You can use a drop-down method to organize the pages if they are large in number. 
  • You should use the link of your homepage on the website logo. And the preferable place for the logo is the top left corner. 
  • You should be familiar with the fact that 50% of web traffic comes from the mobile that your navigation bar should also be the same on the mobile view.

The Design Should Be According To Business.

You should design your website by keeping in mind the target audience. It is obvious that the website of the local food restaurant will be different from the jeweler’s website. You should focus on providing a better experience with good quality effects. If you use heavy design elements on your website, it will distract your clients and reduce page loading speed. You should also not prefer the web design companies that offer the same layout to every business. 

If you are aiming to sell products online, it is very important that your website is equipped with the basic features of the eCommerce website. There is very tough competition in the online market. If you want to turn your visitor into a potential client, then you should follow the best practices for your website. You have to consider some design principles that are effective for small business websites.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is the mobile-friendly gesture of the website that is mandatory for every business website. It appears unprofessional to your clients if your website is not friendly with the mobile view. It has an effect on search ranking. 

UX Optimization

It is the success factor for your website. The user’s experience can be improved with the website’s visuals, colors, and design elements. Clear and useful information should be available on your website so that those users get satisfied. 

Call To Action

There should be a proper call to action on every webpage. This prompts users to proceed to the next step. In this way, you can drive your visitors towards conversion. Contact us, shop now, request a quote, download now, learn more are some of the calls to action that you should use on your webpage.

Accessible Contact Details

Most of the websites that do not have the right or accessible way of contact details lose the leads. If a client struggles to get the contact details, he will not prefer that web page. He will definitely move to the competition webpage. You should provide the contact information correctly with the name of your business, address of your physical location(s), telephone number(s). Along with these NAT, you can also provide the email id and social media links so those users can get more options to contact you. Try to place the social media links in the footer of the web pages.

Include About Us Page

The great way to describe your story to your clients is the use of the “About Us” page. You can elaborate on your journey on that page. This way, you can establish a connection between your clients and the brand. If you do not include the “About Us” page on your website, then it will be considered a great mistake. You have to provide the brand story on this web page. Individuals like to know about the business from which they are buying or in contact. You can use real images while describing the story. You have to be authentic with the content and images. 

Customized CMS

It is quite challenging to manage a website, but if you are using a good CMS, you do not have to face all such hassles. It gives you the freedom to update and do the changes on your website easily. The selection of CMS has an effect on the performance of the website. You may be familiar with the CMS such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento etc. that are used by most of the business. By considering the features, advantages and disadvantages of the CMS, you can go with the most suitable one. However, you can also opt for the customized CMS that is designed according to your business needs. You can ask your website design agency for such a CMS.  

Use SSL Certificate

An unsecured website is not preferable. You can make your website secure by having an SSL certificate. Even though you are not selling any product online, you also need to have a security certificate. Ignoring the security of the website is the way to lose your clients. Because clients will not trust a business that is not secure or think about its security, Google will display “Not Secure” in front of your website URL. The credibility of the website gets down with such work. The SSL certificate is an important ranking factor too. You should consider the security of users’ data so that users can easily trust your website for purchasing the product. Once you opt for the SSL certificate, Google will provide HTTPS in the website URL. The encryption process is used for transmitting the data from users to the server to protect them from hacking.

Basic Optimization Of The Website

It is good for your website that you think about the SEO strategy of your website from the very beginning of the website launching. Doing this will help you in getting better success in the long run. You have to choose the right keyword for promoting your business. Some of the SEO aspects include meta description, meta tag, and the hierarchy of the site. You have to give attention to all these during the design process. You should check the website of the top competitors and can make the desired changes to your website.

Presence of Social Proof

Having social proof has become compulsory in the current time. Now customers most probably look for your business achievements and its existence by checking the social proof. They consider this proof as the authenticity of the website. Your website should have the elements such as reviews, client videos, awards, customer testimonials, and accreditations. These all elements help provide ideas to your customers about the business from which they are going to interact. It would be best if you ask your website designer to address all such elements in the visible form so that users can get them easily. 

Add On-site Blog

You might be thinking that using an on-site blog will be only beneficial for large companies, but this is not true. It is good for promoting and acknowledging your business. It is the thing that will keep you ahead of your other competitors. Having an on-site blog gives the idea to your visitors that they are exploring some of the knowledgeable brands. A blog that is written properly with useful and relevant content makes your online presence strong. It can bring new customers to your business. You can improve the exposure of your website with blog posts.


Having a highly designed website is a way toward achieving goals for your business. The placing of the right elements and at the right place is effective in keeping the users engaged on your website. You can convert your visitors into potential clients with an optimized website. If you want to get the best and essential components on your website, you can consider the professionals of Marketing Sweet. We have years of experience in developing websites that are user-friendly and search engine-friendly. According to the demand of the business, we design the websites. You can give us a call on 08 8120 4079 to get more detailed information. 

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