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SEO Trends To Drive More Traffic in 2021

SEO Trends To Drive More Traffic in 2021. Search engine optimization is the most prominent way to get potential clients to your website. Google does several updates in its algorithm throughout the year. Some of the changes are so small that they do not come into notice, but there are big ones too. If you keep yourself updated with Google updates’ history, you can predict the pattern that Google follows. Day by day, Google is aiming to provide relevant content to its searchers. It has become hard to manipulate Google with the black hat or grey hat SEO practices.

To get a higher ranking in the SERP, you need to keep changing the SEO strategy as per the Google algorithm. So here we are, providing some of the best strategies that you should prioritize this year.

Users Experiences Will Metric The Ranking Of The Website

Google has introduced the concept of the Core Web Vitals. A brand new three metrics are added to the Google measures for improving the user’s experience. The three metrics are basically dedicated to the fast loading of the page, making it more interactive, and the stability of the website. So you have to pay more attention to the loading, interactivity, and visual stability of the website. Also, Google has announced that the Core Web Vitals will be the official ranking factor from May 2021. Once it gets activated, then it will be used as the tie-breaker among competitors to get a better position in the ranking. You can take this example. Suppose there are two web pages with the same type of content and the same authority. The factor that can decide the ranking of the website will be the user’s experience, and according to the user’s experience, the ranking will be granted to the webpage. 

Mobile-first Indexing Will Be Applied On All Websites

From the year 2019, Google started switching the website to mobile-first indexing. This means that the ranking of the website will be done on the basis of the mobile version instead of the desktop version. Until now, it has been done in a slow manner. Now Google is checking each website whether it is mobile-ready or has passed the test. Because of that, all new websites are indexed mobile-first automatically. Most of the websites have completed this test, but there are some old websites that have still not managed to adopt the mobile version. Now Google has said that enough is enough, now every website will be forced to mobile-first indexing whether they are okay with it or not, it does not matter. 

Artificial Intelligence Will Have A Large Effect On Search.

The algorithm of Google, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), follows machine learning and natural language processing to make the users search better. Search engines now rely on artificial intelligence that implies that technology has a huge contributor to SEO. Google’s BERT understands how people search for the thing, and thus it works in the same manner. This implies that sites that have content-goal confounds will be contrarily affected. Regardless of how itemized or superior grade that long-structured content is, assuming it isn’t fulfilling client plans, BERT will disregard yours and lean toward another piece of content that fulfills the expectation for the given question. 

Role Of Eat Factor

EAT is the acronym for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. This topic has remained controversial in the SEO community. Some of the experts say that EAT is the signal that is used for ranking measures, whereas some of them say that there is no way by which Google can measure this factor with its algorithm. A site that scores a high level of EAT is one that has high quality. That is the purpose you should put forth to set up your image’s standing. Give it a main concern in your 2021 SEO procedure. Likewise, fabricate brand attention to build brand search inquiries. Brand questions are a secret positioning element that will assist you with positioning higher and build up yourself as a confidant in the brand on Google.

 Keyword Research Will Become More Important

More than 50% of searchers fall in the category of zero-click searchers. This implies that half of the Google searches drop without users’ action. The reason behind this is the contact info, results in featured snippets, and other things. Consumers get the answers to their questions without clicking on any link. For example, if you start typing weather in the search box, you will see the result in the search bar result before writing it completely. With so much competition and advancement in SERP, it is very important that you should do the proper research to get the right keyword. Your keywords should drive more traffic and sales so that you can expand your business.   

Google Still Wants Original Content

Good and original content will always play a significant role in improving the SEO of the website. Authentic content is required to develop your business. Google does not like content that is repeated on several web pages. If that content is published somewhere else and if you are using that on your web page, then Google will not like your webpage. You can relate this with an example. Would you purchase a shirt that has the same pattern and color that you have now? No! Exactly the same thing occurs here. There is a ton of comparable content on similar subjects ordered on Google. If you somehow managed to create a piece of content that is the same as existing content ranking on the web, why would Google rank your web page over the first one? For this reason, your website content should be authentic and valuable to the users and can promote your brand. 

Voice Search

In a recent survey, it is reported that 25% of the entire population uses voice for searching on their mobile phones. Most of the voice search keywords are long-tail and specific. Users desire to get specific answers to their queries. Thus it has become vital to do voice search optimization as more people are growing and opting for voice search. 

Doing Internal Linking

Well, we know that you will not see this factor on numerous SEO trend lists. Internal linking has been indispensable to SEO for quite a long time. But you shouldn’t understand that it’s an old strategy and it does not work anymore. Infact doing internal linking is key in aiding your clients and Google to discover the pages you care about. Google can utilize XML sitemaps to discover all URLs on your site, but your clients don’t have such access. Instead, they explore starting with one page then onto the next. 

Notwithstanding, having the right site hierarchy permits clients to handily move to start with one page then onto the next will help the two clients, and Google discovers fundamental, new and refreshed content. In addition, you can provide internal linking that relates to the desired topic. 

Influencer SEO

Influencers are those who are followed by millions, and if they become your customer by taking your business in front of them, then you will definitely experience good traffic on your website. The influencers hold the trust of potential customers, and if they start supporting your brand, you will see that ROI is enormous. Most marketers believe that influencer marketing is better than other marketing methods. But you should be specific to choose the influencer for your SEO strategy. You should go with the influencer that has the right audience.

Local SEO Will Be Given Preference

Previously Google advised doing local businesses upon the proximity of the searchers. But if we see the previous year’s work pattern of Google, in that case, you will notice that Google has moved away from the proximity factor and is increasing its preference towards quality and relevance. For this, Google is also happy to provide the tools. You must have heard about the GMB (Google My Business). It keeps adding new features to its list. For example, with a business listing, business owners now publish posts, add products and services details, answer questions, offer reservations, and set up messaging. You should try to optimize your GMB listing. You can treat it as your second website where you have to provide all the correct information.  

Video Is The Future

The most popular search engine after Google is Youtube. So if you are still not aware of the videos or not having them on your website, then it is high time to get involved in video marketing. First, you have to create your video channels and provide a good name and description over there. But try not to overload the keywords in the description. Start with some keywords, and with the growing period, you can increase them. You can get an idea by typing the targeted keyword in the search bar and then look at the format and description of the top results. You should optimize your video according to the right set of audiences. 

Final Thoughts

The most magnificent thing about search engine optimization is that it is continually evolving, adjusting, and developing to address the issues of the internet searcher monster that is Google. You have to be very active to get a better position on your website. For the better experience of the users, Google always keeps changing its algorithm. At Marketing Sweet, our work is to notice, expect, and adjust to the latest SEO patterns. If you would prefer to study how SEO can help your business, reach out to one of our specialists today. We will help you to get your business at a high level. 

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