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Why SEO is King

No matter how good your products or services are, the fact of the matter is, you won’t achieve the results you desire without having enough visibility. This has been made crucial in today’s digital age. For this reason, if you wish to propel your market reach, you must learn how and why SEO is king.

But first thing’s first, what is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation has the primary function of optimising content and utilising other tools to ensure you are highly exposed to potential customers on search engines such as Google. In other words, this means that whenever a consumer searches for a certain product, you must rank highly in Google’s results pages to be noticed. Ranking well and maintaining this long-term can only really be achieved with the help of a marketing professional.

As the most popular search engine, Google has become a constant in people’s everyday lives.  In fact, according to the latest statistics, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second. That’s a massive number of users, so just imagine the possibilities of how your reach could expand when you optimise.

This is yet another reason why SEO is essential and is hailed as the new king of marketing. Gone are the days when companies would rely solely on traditional marketing strategies such as printing flyers, TV advertisements and so on. Moreover, the growth of organic searches has been exponentially increasing, particularly in B2B businesses. So, if you’re absent in this field, you’re definitely missing out.

What Is SEO Algorithm?

Tackling how SEO algorithms work could be tough to digest. So to help you have a better understanding, think of it as a recipe. Every meal is different and every person has varying preferences. For someone to truly appreciate a meal, there are factors involved, such as the ingredients used, the amount of time spent cooking, the cooking techniques, the flavours added, side dishes and dessert. Keep in mind that the quality of the dish also depends on how the ingredients used are produced.

These factors are comparable with SEO algorithms. A lot of elements need to be considered in order to rank well, such as URLs, content, internal links, external links, images, speed, website integrity, and more. Moreover, some algorithms work within each element, which is basically referred to as sub-algorithms.

There is a large number of characteristics to take into account when working out how a website ranks on Google, similar to the ways in which a meal can delight a person. To achieve the desired results, all the aforementioned factors have to be put together. Put simply, this means that in order to maximise your reach, numerous core algorithms and sub-algorithms have to be created.

These include algorithms such as Panda, which helps Google in filtering, assessing, penalising and rewarding content based on criteria. Aside from that, there are algorithms for addressing spam and judging links like Penguin and there are also algorithms made for task-specific organising, collecting data and more that also function.

Why SEO Is King

How Does Google’s SEO Algorithm Work?

After learning what algorithms are, you’re probably itching to know how they work. 

Quality and Context

Organic searches refer to how a website ranks highly without paying. According to the latest data, this has been increasing, especially due to Google’s countless algorithms, which can help in assessing the context and quality of content. The number of keywords mentioned, in addition to linking, also contribute to a website’s ranking. 

This is why whenever you hear news about an algorithm update, it’s vital to understand how it can affect the process and system of SEO marketing. Fortunately, there are tools such as Yoast and Rank Math that can aid SEO agencies and professionals. 

User Interest

Aside from visibility and reach expansion, the purpose of organic SEO is to produce results that will satisfy any user. As a matter of fact, algorithms are placed to monitor this aspect and provide the necessary adjustments when pages do not satisfy user intent. Moreover, Google prioritises users more than the business owner and puts in maximum effort to get the best results for users. 

SEO Generates Leads

Every click on your website creates more and more traffic and this is ultimately why SEO is king. Typically, websites use blogs and articles to rank their way up. This strategy creates traffic which then paves the way for more company leads. Moreover, SEO algorithms help establish the company’s credibility at the same time.

Traditional Marketing vs SEO

As our generation continues to evolve, so does the behaviour of consumers. Particularly in B2B businesses, there’s been a continuous growth and innovation of products, development in various niches, changing brand interactions and more.  

Fortunately, industries have shaped up thanks to different digital marketing methods. While traditional marketing can still potentially provide a return on investments (ROI), it does not provide the long-term effectiveness of digital marketing methods like SEO. 

Fair Field 

In the last two decades, competing head-on with more established brands is usually never considered. It is expected though, since successfully penetrating the market with existing big players requires a large amount of money. TV advertisements are so expensive that some even reach millions of dollars in costs. On the contrary, with SEO, a business can still compete with another regardless of scale. 


SEO is significantly less expensive than other traditional marketing techniques yet provides even greater results for businesses in today’s economy. It’s paperless as well which uses less carbon, thus, it is more sustainable and eco-friendly. Think about flyers, they are either thrown away or folded to fit in a pocket and bag only to be buried forever. Although you might catch the attention of the consumers, the relatability is potentially low and keeping their interest quickly goes down the drain. Furthermore, the ROI in SEO is easy to measure, which requires businesses with lighter expenses.

Results are Real-Time 

If you decided to book a TV ad, it’s impossible to know how many people have watched it. Unlike with SEO, the numbers necessary to assess efficiency are readily accessible. There are tools that allow users to have access to the statistics in real-time as well. 

More Potential to Grow Globally 

Since the internet is accessible worldwide, the global footprint you make is far more impactful than those made on a local TV ad. If you’re a B2B company, this means you have a higher chance of expanding your business in a global market. SEO is highly interactive as well, so businesses can engage with their audience and stay relevant.

SEO vs Other Digital Marketing Methods

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably starting to grasp the idea that SEO is a powerful tool. However, you might still be considering other digital marketing methods. Well, let me tell you that it’s unnecessary. In fact, organic searches have dominated the world of digital marketing, taking up 53% compared to other channels and here’s why.

Why SEO Is King

1. Search Share

In terms of search engines, there’s an average of 83% of traffic that comes from SEO and only 17% from paid or advertised searches. This brings us back to how important the quality of content is.

2. Traffic Is Long-Term

One of the best things about SEO is the fact that it doesn’t require heavy resource investment. In fact, once desired rankings are attained, they can have a lasting duration which allows a brand to maximise and fully optimise the exposure. Due to long-term exposure, the organic traffic within the brand’s website is boosted as well.

3. Higher ROI Than Other Channels

YouTube ads can only run for a few seconds and are significantly more expensive, unlike SEO, which requires no media costs while still providing substantial ROI. The only necessity is to produce digestible and engaging content.

4. Structure and Alignment

Accurate SEO helps with website organisation which provides easier navigation among visitors. Additionally, it provides alignment when all channels are kept on track and on the same message.

5. Elevation of Brand

Successful SEO extends a sense of security with search engine results which is a vital factor in establishing brand trust.

6. Conversion

It’s easy to convert potential clients when they are familiar with the business or brand. This is why SEO traffic has a higher conversion rate.

7. Market Consideration

People rely on search engines to create a shortlist of products or services. They typically collect opinions and reviews to help them decide whether to purchase the product or not.

 Why should you focus your efforts on SEO?

While traditional marketing methods may seem more familiar to you, the benefits of using SEO to maximise your business’ potential and generate more leads and sales are endless. You may not know how to put into action the aforementioned SEO practices however, a marketing professional like Marketing Sweet can do the job for you. 

The results of using SEO speak for themselves and will continue to be crucial to businesses in the future.

Why SEO Is King

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