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Why You’re Not Converting Leads From Website Visits

The Internet is full of articles that can guide you about the right way to drive traffic towards your website. You can try online advertising, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, brand building, or any other traffic generation strategies. Getting a high number of traffic is not the only goal of digital marketing. You have to publish such content that will keep your audiences engaged and convert them into potential customers. 

The Internet is full of articles that can guide you about the right way to drive traffic towards your website. You can try online advertising, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, brand building, or any other traffic generation strategies. Getting a high number of traffic is not the only goal of digital marketing. You have to publish such content that will keep your audiences engaged and convert them into potential customers. 

Why My Site is Not Generating Leads?

There are many reasons that lead to less conversion or no conversion for your business website. Check out the below-described reasons and start doing improvement. 

1. You Are Giving Importance To The Design, Not Goals

A well-designed website with the latest features may be good in appearance for the users, but it should not be fulfilling the goal or objective of your business. The creativity and appearance of the website have indeed been a domain for users’ attention for a long time, but that is not enough in the current time. In today’s world, you have to do something different to be in the market. You have to align your website according to the goal of your customers. If you do not do this, then other individuals will do it, and they will experience better conversion. If you only follow the latest design trends for your website, then it will not take you very far. You have to deliver your goal with the design. 

2. You Do Not Have Clarity About Your Value

What is the value that you aim to provide to your visitors? Have you stated the value on your website? There are many websites that you will find which lack clear value or do not include them on their website. Your value proposition should include the needs of your consumers and what your business does best for them. You should know what is the biggest pain that your visitors encounter and what solution you provide them to help. If you do not have clarity about the value, you are missing a great opportunity to gain the attention of the new customers.

3. You Are Guessing Only Not Measuring

It is near to impossible that you can manage things without measuring them. There are two most basic errors that site owners make. The first one is that they do not track the website activity, and secondly, they do not wish to review the results. Also, many website owners know the importance and meaning of measuring the data, but they do not incorporate the idea of how they have to look at data and what things need to be checked. If you are also encountering such a situation, think about your objective and what things can make that objective successful. You have to go a little backward to identify the key metrics and what will be the right strategy to reach the objective. It will help you in improving the number. You have to check data on a regular basis to make the adjustment and keep your website fine-tuned with the needs of the customers. 

4. You Don’t Believe In Listening

It is common to see that most website owners develop their website with the old marketing mindset. They believe that their website is a one-way billboard and don’t give importance to two-way type communication. But in the current time, things have changed. Now all power is in the hands of the customers. It is very obvious that if your client does not get the right service or help from your side, then they will move to somewhere else. In the most extreme condition, when users get fed up with your website, they give a call to the customer service or simply leave the site. Thus it is very important that you should have a good group of individuals in your support section. The feedback received from the customer should be treated well and should be executed as soon as possible. You should ask your support team to take the note from the users to make the website more user friendly, and it will help you in getting the increased conversion

5. Overloading Web Pages With Lots Of Options

The goal of every page of your website should be single and clear. You can relate to this situation when you try to decide your dinner from the jam-packed menu, then what happens with you. Most people get confused. The same happens to your users if you offer many things on your website. It is considered too much if you have too many calls to action on every webpage. You can break down the complex pages into multiple sub-pages that offer easy navigation to the users. You might have seen the website where you will find, Shop Now, Apply Now, Visit Us, Get Best Deal and other things. Whenever you hover your cursor on such a web page, you might get out of control with the overloaded elements. 

Why My Site is Not Generating Leads

6. Pushing Clients Towards Off Path

No one likes to navigate a website that misleads them or is confusing. They will simply close that site and move to the other competitors. Your website should be in such a format so that users can easily digest that. The website architecture, clear content, effective site search all make a big difference to your website visitor. One of the most common things is the appearance of pop-ups on the homepage. In research, it is found that marketers love to add such pop-ups, but visitors do not like them at any cost. So what is the fruitful thing in making the guest’s first visit frustrating and annoying? It would be good for the website conversion that you avoid such pop-ups.

7. Not Giving Important To Testing Phase

No two businesses are the same, and thus, their customers are also different. You have to start the best from your side, but you don’t have to stop there. You have to follow the robust testing process. It is the key to tracking the website’s performance and a way to make your website a well-groomed website. In the current time, you will find lots of available online tools to test the website from different directions. We can suggest VWO, Optimizely, Hotjar, Google Analytics, and UserTesting.

8. Doing Jargon And Too Much Branding

You are not a high-profile brand in the very beginning phase. Thus you should design your website in that manner. The visitors on your website have mostly two aims. The first one is to do research about anything and secondly to purchase something. If you use unclear jargon and too much branding, users will assume hypothetical things about your business. And as a result, they would move to another website. You should have a website that appears like an in-store website. There should be easy-to-find products, 24×7 customer service and good deals. 

9. Users Don’t Count You Trustworthy

If your visitor will not recognize that you are a trustworthy source to buy things, then they would not be ready to buy the things. So what are you doing to earn the trust of your users? There are a variety of ways by which you can earn the customer’s trust, such as including reviews, case studies, relevant PR mentions, testimonials, and more. Also, it is effective to use the safety icons on the website. You have to demonstrate to your client that you are a trustworthy company. 


There’s something else entirely to getting individuals to change over than just directing them to your site. You need to direct them toward that change and make it exceptionally clear what you need them to do. You need to ensure your services, items, and evaluating are clear and adjust what you offer to your guests’ problem areas. You can try the above-described points to increase the conversion.

If you want to experience a better conversion on your website, you can get help from Marketing Sweet professionals. We provide a good amount of traffic to your website. And our website designers design websites in such a form so that you will receive good conversions too. We are always happy to serve the best service to our clients. Please give us a call at 08 8120 4057 for more information.

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