How to find a good SEO expert – Part 9


Let’s finish the week with part 9 of what to look for when hiring a professional SEO expert.

So far, we have talked a lot about what a good SEO expert is, and what they do: they should be transparent, up-front and communicative, they should not use cheap tricks or shady methods, and they should not mess up the back end of your website and get you blacklisted.

The question still remains, though – how much should SEO work really cost? Is there a set price? How can I tell whether I’m being overcharged?

There is no one price that fits all, as different SEO experts do different amounts of work.

Therefore, the best way to tell if you’re talking to a good SEO expert is…

They are reasonably priced

Fees for SEO work vary widely; there is no standard cost, and just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s overpriced. However, a good SEO expert will provide you with a breakdown of what they charge and why it costs what it costs.

Pricing structures also vary, but most SEO experts charge by the project. Make sure you clarify the terms with them upfront, and avoid open-ended costing agreements that could see you paying through the nose if something takes longer than they thought it would.

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