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Right Way To Index Your Website On Google

So you are finally ready with your valuable content and want to share it with the world. After publishing your website, it is very important that you make your website accessible to search engines. And you must be knowing that the search engine giant is Google. In a report, it is found that Google covers nearly 86% of search traffic. So if you are a website owner, then you should not ignore Google at any cost. It is that platform that is prefered by most of your audiences.

The process of indexing on Google is very effective, and if your website is not indexed, then your marketing goal would not get fulfilled.

In this article, we are going to tell you the most proactive ways by which you can index your website on Google and get better visibility.

What Is The Importance Of Page Indexing?

Your webpage will not be visible in the search results unless you index it on Google. If you keep on updating new articles and blogs on your website, but if you don’t index it, then individuals will not be able to get your website in the search query. This implies that there should be no improvement in organic traffic, and you will not get the desired result.

Thus it becomes quite important to index your web page over Google so that it can appear in the search results. Whenever you post something, then it will get crawled fastly, and your webpage will get the desired traffic.

Way to Submit URL to Google

After making your website live, you need to inform Google about its presence; for that, you have to submit your website to Google.

Most of the new websites face the same issue that they don’t appear in the search results, and the straightforward solution for this is to index websites over Google.

There are some fixed ways by which you can submit your webpage URL to Google.

  • By using Sitemaps

By using Sitemaps

  • By Request Crawl Option

By Request Crawl Option

How to Submit a New URL to Google?

Great, you have created your website sitemap and submitted it on Google for indexing pages.

But suddenly, you realize that there is a new page that contains time-bound information, and you can not wait for Google to crawl and index itself.

Here you can use the URL Inspection Tool. You might be knowing about the ‘Submit URL’ feature if you have used the old search console. In 2018, Google updated its search console and added the URL Inspection Tool feature.

This feature helps you in checking that your website URL has been indexed or not.

Along with this, you can also check other important information such as Schema and indexing of URL.

For submitting any new URL, you have to click on the Request Crawl button

Steps of URL Submission Using URL Inspection Tool

  • Log in Search Console
    Log in Search Console
  • The first step in submitting the URL is to log in to the search console. From the left navigation tool, you can select the URL inspection tool. 

url inspection

  • Enter the URL you want to submit.

Enter the URL you want to submit

  • After that, request for indexing.

After that, request for indexing

Way to Submit Updated URL to Google

If you have previously indexed your URL and have done some little changes, and want to show that content ASAP, then you can use the URL Inspection tool.

You have to click on the Request Recrawl option, and newer versions will get added to the priority list.

Step:1 Login search console panel. 

Login search console panel

Step:2 From the left navigation, select the URL Inspection tool.

From the left navigation, select the URL Inspection tool

Step:3 Enter the desired URL you want to resubmit.

Step:4 Finally, Request Indexing option.

Request Indexing option

Ways to Conclude Whether Google has Indexed a Webpage

How amazing is it that, to check that Google has indexed your URL or not, you have to take help from Google only. To check whether your website is indexed or not, you have to enter your site name along with the URL domain.

For example, “”.

If your web page is indexed, then it will appear in results; if not, then you will not get in search results. If you have many web pages with similar features, then you can check them with unique words and sentences. Google requires those words or sentences within quotation marks.

Another simple way is to go with Google Analytics.

Acquisition>All Traffic> Source/Medium report and select Google results.

You have to export the result generated through this process. From there, you will get ideas regarding organic traffic. If you see that your targeted URL is achieving organic traffic, then it is the indication that Google has indexed your URL.

Google Is Back With Its Indexing Feature

Sometime before, Google disabled the request indexing feature in order to make some additional fixes in the infrastructure. Then, on Oct 15 2020, Google made a tweet.

After making changes in infrastructure, Google re-enabled this feature after 69 days. They announce this with the official tweet id of Webmaster central.

What Made Google Disable The Request Indexing Option?

Google does the suspension of the Request Indexing feature with its official handle. This was done to make some changes in the feature. And they assured that normal indexing would not be affected by such action.

The Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, John Mueller, stated that it was the most unused feature of the Search Console.

On Nov 9, Google asked the SEO community to describe the scenarios where they use the Request Index feature.

Tweet was-

No More Google URL Submit Tool

Previously Google presented a “Submit a URL” feature to all its users that offer faster indexing of the desired URLs.

Most SEO professionals, blog managers, and webmasters make use of the ‘Submit URL’ option so that their client websites get indexed faster. It was a time-saving process as users don’t have to ask their clients regarding the search console details to index the webpage through the “Fetch as Google” option. But RIP, Google, this URL submission tool is now dead. Now you are left with the option of ‘Fetch as Google’ and ‘Sitemap‘ to tell Google about your new pages.

Does Google Kill URL Submission Tool?

Till now, the SEO professionals who were dependent on tools for submitting their backlinks to ensure faster indexing were left with no other option than waiting for Google to automatically crawl such links. With such tools, there was no requirement of signing in for submitting URLs. 

It might be the case that Google identified that webmasters are using such tools for indexing bulk URLs that are promoted to take such action.

The announcement from the official Twitter id of the Google Webmaster account says that-

“We’ve had to drop the public submission feature, but we continue to welcome your submissions using the usual tool in Search Console and through sitemaps directly.”

In the year 2008, Submit URL was added to Google search, and with some little changes in design, it was added to Classic Webmaster Account in 2012. Previously it was part of Google Webmasters and then became part of Search Console. By removing the feature of URL submission from the Google search console, the whole world experienced its effect.

Now you will find a message that says, “To submit a URL to the Google index, either submit a sitemap or use our new URL Inspection tool” when you open this option.

Fetch as Google and Sitemap

Webmasters are now left with the option of “Fetch as the Google” in Search Console for making indexing better. This step from Google once again emphasized the importance of sitemaps

Google tweet-

“Want to let us know about new or updated pages quickly? Use Search Console Fetch & Submit for individual pages, or have your CMS tell us directly with a sitemap file or feed.”

John Mueller Wording for URL Submission

From the past few months, it has come to the notice of the Webmaster that Google has become fussy in indexing the URLs that are submitted by using different tools. It looks like Google is trying to eliminate all such tools that are offering access to users to submit their website URLs without using the search console.

According to Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst Google, John Mueller– such type of tool should be used if your website content is written in a good manner and has all added value of Webmaster. Along with this, he also discussed some situations where such a type of tool will act handy for webmasters.

If a website is having any serious issue that needs to be fixed on an urgent basis and also there is a requirement to reflect that change constantly in search results. For example, you have entered an incorrect number, and individuals are fed up with calling someone else; in that situation, you need to re-index your webpage, and you can do it quickly by using such a tool.


It is considered as good practice to submit website URLs to Google, but one should not consider this as the ranking factor. Website crawling and indexing comes under the SEO section. So to make your website get a better ranking, you need to consider all other essential factors such as quality of content, speed, focused keywords and other things. Practising the right SEO strategies acts as an additional factor to rank your website on Google.

If you want to achieve a better position for your website, you can contact professionals of Marketing Sweet. Our experienced Adelaide SEO professionals know the right way to improve website performance and visibility.

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