Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Engaging Web Designers and Ecommerce Web Design Agencies

It is extremely important to choose the right web design agency for your business. The selection of a web design agency is not a one-time decision. Instead, it should be done carefully in order to achieve a long-term business relationship. This is because your choice of web design agency will determine the success or failure of your business website. It is essential that you choose a web design agency that can offer you the best services at fair and reasonable rates.

The design of a website is essential to any business. The purpose is not only to create websites but also to establish an online presence for a business and to convert visitors into customers.

We propose asking yourself the following five questions to narrow down the pool of possible web designers before starting your hunt:

5 Things to Think About Before Making a Website

With the right web design agency, your ecommerce brand can engage more customers and expand your online market.
When researching a web design agency in Adelaide, these factors can help you to decide

We recommend that you take a step back and think about what you really want from your website. This will help you make the best decision possible. These questions can help you choose a web designer.

  1. What does your business offer?

Websites come in many different forms. What kind of website do you really need? What business do you work in? Do you offer a service or a product for sale? Before you look for people to help you, it’s important to know who you are as a business or brand.

  1. What are the goals of your website?

Plan out what you want to achieve. When people visit your website, what do you want them to do? If you’re new and trying to get people to know your brand, you’ll need a very different plan than if you have an e-commerce website that gets a lot of traffic. This will also require you to engage eCommerce web design agencies.

  1. For whom are you writing?

Who’s visiting your website? Do you have a particular type of business in mind? What draws in one group of people might turn off another, so it’s important to know who your audience is ahead of time.

  1. How much money do you have?

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Don’t start with the biggest web design firms if your budget is minimal.

  1. When do you have to be done?

Have a rough date in mind before looking for a web designer. Do you need the website to be up and running by a certain date or time? Can the project be broken up into parts if the deadline is short?

Some Extras to Think About When Choosing a Web Design Firm

Determine your website’s purpose and objectives

Before searching for web design services, know what you want your website to do and what features it must have. Websites are commercial and marketing tools, not just attractive designs.

Your website may perform the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Sync with Salesforce, HubSpot, or another CRM
  • Connect to Pardot, Marketo, or HubSpot
  • Connect with Constant Contact, MailChimp, or Emma
  • Gather payments or gifts, particularly recurring ones
  • Allow users to submit forms on your website

Examples of website features to achieve the above:

  • User-friendly navigation, SEO-optimised content, and conversion-optimised websites; Secure (and HIPPA-compliant) online forms; Ecommerce
  • SSL and HTTPS
  • You should use your website to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. List your goals, needs, and nice-to-haves to enable web design agencies to customise your website.

Before contacting an agency, evaluate your budget and timeframe.

Having a price range will help you acquire reasonable web design prices. If you need a website in 2 weeks, you’ll need an agency with availability today, not in 3 weeks.

Look for and evaluate national and local web design agency partners

Local web design agencies have a better understanding of the local market and can provide services that are more customised to your business’s needs. National web design agencies can offer more flexibility. You may be able to choose from a wider range of services, which could include eCommerce, mobile app development, and social media marketing.

There are also differences in cost between local and national web design agencies, depending on what you need and how long it takes to create it.

Some of the developers in the ecommerce web design department at Marketing Sweet, one of Australia's leading web design and digital marketing agencies.
Reviews are a great reflection of a company

Review agency portfolios

Experience, agency culture, and portfolios are vital in choosing a web design partner. These three items can tell you how your project will be managed, if it will fulfil your goals and requirements, and if it’ll be a solid web design agency.


Experience means two things:

  • When did they start? What’s their status?
  • Have they built websites for your industry that achieve results, that you enjoy, or that have the functionality you need?
  • The agency you choose should offer easy design and development methods, ongoing marketing services to help you grow your business, and a team of qualified specialists to make sure your website meets your goals and needs.


A web design agency’s portfolio shows its talents and abilities. Look for more than pretty websites. A beautiful but difficult-to-navigate website will never outperform a respectable one.

Website creation portfolios show creativity, industry experience, and more. When examining portfolios, look for:

  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Follow web design trends
  • Consistent structure, navigation, and images on all websites.
  • Are their websites award-winning?

If you enjoy an agency’s work but they don’t work in your industry, ask what they can do for you. While you want someone with industry experience, you must appreciate their work.

Review customer feedback and online testimonials

In addition to their portfolio, read testimonials and online reviews of the web design companies you are considering for your new website. The reviews are a good way to find out how happy customers are with their websites, how good the company’s customer service is, and if any specific team members are mentioned by name.

Google, Facebook, and Yelp are excellent resources for customer reviews. Check to determine if the website prominently features customer testimonials. If their website is the only place you can find reviews, you should do more research before setting up a meeting.

Contact Marketing Sweet for exceptional customer service and an incredible website.

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