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What Are Exit-Intent Popups: Best Practices For 2021

Are you fed up with the number of visitors leaving your site without taking any desired action? Then you must read this blog.

There are multiple ways to keep your audience engaged over your website but in this blog, we will be discussing the exit intent pop-ups that work great in holding the visitors to the website. Business owners love exit-intent popups. Why? Let us explain this to you.

The exit-intent popups are powerful to retain the leaving visitors of your site. The website owners create popups for capturing the attention of leaving viewers. From there, they direct them to marketing funnels. It is well known that website owners’ main aim is to generate revenue from their site.

So if you explore over the web, then you will find that most of the websites are following the same technique. Even if you go through a news website, you have to watch some ads along with the news.

If your website is not getting money from visitors’ visits, which can be in the form of some money or required data, then it belongs to charity, not the business. The aim of business owners is that either user can subscribe or buy their product or services. The blog on your website, case studies and other such designed content is intended for providing relevant information to the users and converting them into potential customers.

In that way, exit-intent popups work best for improving the conversion rate that most digital marketers even recommend. It acts as a last hope for the markets to retain the users who are about to exit your webpage.

What Is An Exit- Intent Popup?

What Is An Exit-Intent Popup

As per the tracked mouse movement of the users, the exit-intent popup appears. It comes at the critical point when users are no longer interested in exploring your web page and are going to leave the webpage without doing any desired action.

The appealing visual of the popup offers some discounts or offers to stop customers from leaving the page. Most of the time, users share their details while downloading valuable assets. By this, the marketing team gets the desired data for retargeting them by using multiple marketing channels. By providing exit-intent popups, users can relate that someone is there to listen to their deep thoughts and offer the solution for that. It results in improving your brand interaction with your users.

It is very much relatable with online shopping as users mostly get interacted with the exit popups, which is good for both buyers and website owners.

These pop ups come under targeted marketing and effectively fulfil the goal by making users subscribe to their newsletter and email service and buy the product.

Does The Exit Intent Popup Improve The Conversion Rate?

It is not necessary that every visitor on your site gets converted into a potential customer unless you make some connection with the prospect. The customer should be convinced to purchase the product or item that you are offering on your website.

So can the popup help generate the lead or improve the conversion rate in this situation?

Simply its answer is Yes.

Even if users are getting subscribed to your mail service through the exit-intent popups, it is good news that users are getting engaged with your brand. They will start recognizing you, and later on, they will become your client and, finally, your brand advocate. So, according to the results, you can say that these exit-intent popups work best for your marketing strategy as they can turn the number of chairs around your business to offer marketing success.

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For this, it is very important that your webpage should speak in the same manner that your target audience desires to hear. These pop ups work positively for that as they are designed from the customer perspective.

We all know that online shopping is increasing day by day, and exit-intent popups work great for such websites. It is helpful as it keeps users engaged in the store, and the more time they will spend, the chance of buying the product will increase.

In a report, it is found that website owners who have used these pop-ups in their product and other service pages have experienced an increase in conversion rate by 15 to 20%.

It is very true that even a short poll can help you win. The most useful popups are those that are designed according to the psychology of the users. Thus visitors will not get a chance to dump you as you are not going to ask them irrelevant questions and undesired resources. The pop-ups will work as the best lead capturing tool if you are using it in the right way.

Best Practices For The Exit Intent Pop-Ups

It will be helpful to you if you understand the working functionality of exit-intent popups and the conversions relation with that.

The design of the popup, colour pattern and other tools create a difference in the form users love to interact with the information or message you are trying to deliver.

If you have not designed your pop up in the same manner, then you are wasting your money and helping your rivals to get more traffic. A user-friendly designed exit intent pop up will force users to give a second chance to your website.

The design of the pop-up should be simple and eye-pleasing. Besides this, you need to focus on some other specifications as per the strategy.

The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day; thus, you should keep in mind that your desktop design will not be compatible with the mobile version.

You have to consider some of these points in mind when you are going to design your exit-intent popups.

  • The popup design should be clutter-free 
  • It should not affect the usability
  • Using texts that can connect with users
  • The content should not be interrupting

Designing an exit-intent popup for mobile is different from the desktop one, and it is a little tricky as there is no use of a mouse that can be tracked. So for providing the exit-intent popups for the mobile version, page tracking is used.

It is not easy for developers to design such a pop-up that can get triggered with the page action. Because of that, some best tool is required to support the implementation of such codes.

The graphic designer would also be required to design and match the pop ups as per the website’s colour schema. If you need, you can contact MS Professional web designers to make the exact popups for your website as you desire.

They have been doing this work for a long time, which implies that they will have the best understanding of both exit-intent popups for the desktop and mobile versions.

Example of Best Exit Intent Pop-Up

Different websites use different interesting pop ups to hold the visitors on your website. You might have seen the popup wheel; it is the latest addition in the popups category. The exit-intent popups attract customers and help your business to move further. Your catchy exit-intent popups let users remember you for the next time you purchase.

Just check out some of the interesting exit-intent popups.

Providers of Exit Intent Pop Up

Here we are describing some of the top providers of the exit-intent popups.


The first one that comes on our list is the OptinMonster. It offers lots of additional features and is one of the preferred tools of digital marketers who want to offer email, discounts and other convenience to the customers for completing the process. The point that puts it in the first number is that it offers popups for both desktop and mobile platforms.


It offers exit-intent popups with multiple attractive features to hold the customers on the website. Optinly offers you the freedom to add the coupon code, discounts offers, other valuable assets. You will get it in the form of a WordPress plugin. Also, they offer javascript to make it compatible with other platforms.


It is one of the pioneers named in the field of CRO tools. The pop up of HubSpot has all those features that you might be looking for in a good pop up. But the pricing factor of the HubSpot pop ups makes it popular only in some limited business segments.


Having visitors on-site is important, and it is most important that you should convert them into leads by using the best sales funnel. Exit-intent popups work best in increasing the conversion rate. These pop ups will impress visitors to perform the desired action before leaving the site, and it gets triggered depending upon the user mouse movements.

A well-designed exit intent pops up with effective and convincing content that will help you to grow your business. But you have to ensure that your exit intent pop up should be targeted at the right place and time to catch users’ attention.

If you are not comfortable doing this work from your side, then you can contact any professional Digital Marketing company like Marketing Sweet. We will help you in creating the best exit-intent popups. To know more about our service you can contact us at 08 8337 4340.

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