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What Should Every Business Do On ”Google My Business?

What is the benefit of having a website if your customers are not able to find you? There will be no fruitful result for your website as you will not receive any conversion and lead from your website.

GMB, Google My Business, is also known as the Google Places for Business that offers a great opportunity to make your website visible in Google search results. Also, the most amazing fact about Google My Business is that it is totally free to use. With an end goal to acquire perceivability on Google, numerous organizations make profiles and do listings on Google My Business. Your Business Profile will work as a successful SEO and lead conversion tool for your business. 

What is Google My Business?

GMB offers owners the ability to list their business information and location on Map, closing/opening hours, contact details, photos, reviews, and other important information. Users will get useful information easily when they search for your business.

You can create a business profile by creating an account on Google My Business. It is the way by which you can claim ownership of your business profile. It also offers you the right to manage your profile and unlock additional features that are also free to increase your online visibility on the search engines.

You must have seen the business profile on Google search, and it looks like–

And the profile on Google map appears as-

google my business

It is very simple to create a business profile, just like adding a place to Google Maps. Everyone can do this. You only have to provide your business name, place means location, and what type of business it is. After submitting all information, Google verifies it and ensures that there is no duplicate information, then your profile gets created for that location. After that, your profile is ready to be viewed by the viewers, and they can add photos, answer questions and other things. 

GMB profile is not the replacement of your current business website; rather, it complements your existing website by providing the identity and presence on Google by listing. 

What Is The Existence Of Google My Business?

We know that there are so many tools from Google that are available to improve your website’s visibility. Google My Business is one of the effective and simplest ways to get website visibility increased. More pursuit questions are increasingly becoming topographically explicit, and Google’s calculations have been created to think about client expectations.

Let us explain to you with the help of an example. You might have done a Google search for ”spots to eat close to me,” and in return, you must have received a list of three to four locations that are near to your current location. Now you might be thinking about how this list has been generated. It is because these business owners have created the GMB pages according to the location to attract and give information to their customers.

If there will be no GMB page, then they have not appeared in the list. You can relate this to your business. Whatever product or service you are delivering will get listed on Google, and users will get to know about your business. If any users type your service-related keyword, you will appear in the list and enjoy increased traffic. As Google rolls out ordinary improvements to its calculations, you need to get found in local search. You need to have a Google My Business posting and be upgrading it as per the latest changes. 

Why Should You Use Google My Business For Local Marketing?

There are some benefits of using a GMB profile for your business.

It Helps In Improving The Visibility Over The Web

This is one of the biggest benefits that your website enjoys with GMB listing. Whenever you type any keyword in the search bar of Google, then Google gets back to you with the list of Local 3-pack along with the Map. It is the organic results that appear on the top of the search result page. Now, what is this term Local 3-pack? It is basically the list of the businesses that are shown on the basis of the searcher’s current location. Every business owner demands to come in this Local 3-pack by using different SEO strategies, but they do not know any exact formula to appear in that list. However, creating a business profile will significantly help you in getting this list. If you start appearing in the Local 3-pack, your potential revenue will increase. It is very cool that Google not only shows your business on Google map but it also lists it in the organic search.

You Can Share Desired Information With Your Customers

Google My Business helps you in sharing the right and useful information to your clients such as business, address, contact information, working hours, reviews, photos and other things. Moreover, you will easily share the latest updates and offers to your customer with GMB. The appearance of such posts on Google search and Maps maintain good contact with your potential clients.

You should be very clear about what you want to achieve by posting the information. Do you want to drive customers towards your business or just intend to create awareness about the new service or product to your clients? Realizing this will help you in determining the goal. You should always include a call to action in your post so that it can compel customers to do the desired action.

You Can Respond To Queries Of Your Customer In Real-time

Suppose a visitor comes to your business through the search list, but he aims to make some changes in the order then how he can directly reach you. You must know that your customer will feel happy to contact you if you remove the multiple friction points. In that case, you can use the feature of Google messaging. It allows you to chat directly with the client that has searched your profile on the search result page. By this, you can easily answer all the queries of the client in real-time. For the user’s convenience, Google gives you the freedom to activate and turn off the messaging option. If you turn ON this, the users will get the clickable icon, and they can start chatting with you. You can quickly answer all the questions of potential customers through SMS or other messaging apps.

Increase Traffic And Conversion

As per the survey, Google has said that having a Google My Business listing is effective in attracting customers. The chance of attracting local visitors to your business increases by 70%. Thus in return, you will get better sales and conversion. Users test such business as they have passed different verification steps. Therefore, you should ensure that users get the desired result after clicking on your website link. Reduce the page loading time and optimize your website according to the design of the lead generation to get even better outcomes.

You Will Enjoy Free Google Advertising

There are a few different ways to advance your business and get it ranked on the first page of Google. One way is to run a Google Ads campaign; however, you need to have a strong financial plan. The alternate way is to work on your SEO, yet this sets aside an effort to assemble your position and positioning. Notwithstanding, a GMB posting offers a quicker and less expensive approach to get designated openness on the greatest web search tool. Making, asserting, and checking your posting doesn’t cost you anything, and you set aside less effort to streamline your profile.

The posting places your business before numerous possible clients and gives them simple admittance to your contacts, course, site, and long stretches of activity – all at no expense. Subsequently, having a particularly important asset without bringing about any spending allows you to put your assets in different perspectives.

How To Sign Up For Google My Business

An amazing tool that can make your business profile more strong in the business sector is GMB. So how to enjoy the benefits of this tool? Be with us; we will tell you the procedure to sign up for Google My Business.

For creating an account on Google My Business, you have to visit and click on the “Manage now” option. Further, you will get directed from there for further steps. Also, you should keep in mind that GMB does not itself create a business profile. However, it only gives you the ability to add and manage your business profile. So you have to create a business profile before accessing it through GMB. After creating and logging in to your account, you have to separately locate your Google profile on Google maps and have to choose “Claim this business” or “Own this business?” You will see these options on the right side of your profile. After completing all these processes, you are now ready to connect your business profile and Google My Business.

How to List your Business on Google My Business?

It is important that you claim and verify your Google My Business for the betterment of the local SEO strategy. To do a Google My Business listing, you have to follow these steps.

  • Create or login to your Google Account that is connected with the business.
  • Go to and click on the “Start now” option that will be in the top right-hand corner.
  • Now you have to enter your business name and address.
  • Accept the terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Now you have to add your service area. 
  • Select your business category. Make sure to select the most precise one. however, you can make the changes later on, but this is good that you complete the information with optimized info. 
  • Enter your contact details and website URL. 
  • Now the time comes for the verification option. Also, if you don’t wish to verify its current time, then you can go with “Try a different method” followed by “Later.” You can verify your GMB profile in several ways. By postcard, phone, email, instant verification, bulk verification, all are used to verify your profile.

How To Optimize Your GMB Listing

It is the first step to provide basic information about your business on the GMB page. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to optimize your profile so that searchers get to know more about your business. If Google gets to know more about you then, your chance of appearing in search results will improve.

  • You should add as many details as possible to your GMB profile so that users and search engines would get to know about your business. Your potential customer needs details about your business opening hours, website, location. 
  • Use compelling descriptions about your business. You should engagingly write about your business so that readers can get attracted to your business. 750 characters are allowed for the business description, but only 250 characters are shown, and the rest get cut off. 
  • You can add photos and videos to support your business. It gives a good idea about your business to the visitors. 

Enjoy Benefits of Google My Business with Marketing Sweet

Enjoy the benefit of improving your business website visibility with the amazing tool of Google, Google My Business. You will get perforce by doing the GMB listing. Then, depending upon your business, you can make the business profile and appear in the Google search results. If you would like to know more about Google My Business, then you can easily speak to the professionals of Marketing Sweet. Our team will be happy to help you.

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