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SEO Ranking Drop? The Most Common Reasons Your Rankings Have Dropped

Have you seen an SEO positioning drop or traffic change in your web pages? There are a heap of reasons why your site is in effect contrarily affected in internet searcher results, and it tends to be debilitating attempting to get to the foundation of the issue of an SEO positioning drop.

SEO Ranking Drop? The Most Common Reasons Your Rankings Have Dropped

To assist you with understanding what can cause an unexpected change in your website ranking, we have assembled the most regular explanations behind an SEO positioning drop.

Here are common reasons why you are experiencing an SEO ranking drop:

1. A Change in Google’s Algorithm

One of the most common reasons for a ranking drop is the change in Google’s algorithm. There are nearly 200 components that affect Google’s algorithm, the condition that search engines use to introduce sites can change for different updates at any one time. While most calculation shifts are set up to support sites with incredible substance and client experience, Google’s calculation changes can likewise be amazingly unstable and, at times, convey merciless results for sites.

2. Your Website Received A Manual Action

A manual activity on your website alludes to a penalty against your site, instead of an SEO positioning drop that has come about because of a change in the Google algorithm. Most manual activities happen because somebody endeavoring to control a web search tool brings about favor of their site.

You can get confirmation by checking your website ranking on other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing rather than Google. If you get a good ranking on other search engines, then this is a practically sure sign that Google is penalizing you. So now you have to fix your website so that the penalty can be removed from the website. There are some common activities that come under manual action, such as user-generated spam, spammy link building, sneaky redirects, hidden content, duplicate content. Thus you should try fixing all these things.

3. Not Focusing on the Right Keywords

It might be the case that the keyword you are targeting for your ranking is not the same one that your users are looking for. For example, if you are providing the technical service to users and using the keyword that does not describe the meaning to the searchers, then they would not like to click on that web page or link. So refreshing your SEO procedure to line up with your crowd’s plan is significant to both acquiring and estimating natural traffic. 

You should do organic keyword research before deciding the keyword for your landing page. If you use old, generic, or complicated keywords, you might be targeting the wrong keyword, which is not good for your website ranking. Instead, you should choose the keyword by thinking like a customer. There are third-party tools that can help you in selecting the trendy keyword for your website.

4. Building Spammy Links

Creating a spammy link for your website is the opportunity you are giving Google to penalize your website. A backlink is not only a link; it acts as a number of votes of users for your site. Google will take note furthermore if you have some nasty links or negative links coming into your site.

Every search giant is very aware of bad quality external link strategies and punishes sites for taking part in such strategies. If Google gets the idea that your website is indulging in low-quality building strategies, it will affect your ranking. As a result, your website will get an SEO ranking drop in results and traffic.

5. The Webpage loading speed is low

The webpage loading speed has a great effect on website ranking in 2021. The time required to load your webpage is high, then Google will stop your website from ranking, and also the user’s experience will not be satisfactory. To check the page load speed of your site, you can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will analyze your web page regarding load speed, performance, and other things. Page Speed is certainly one of the main things to check while encountering a drop in SEO rankings. 

SEO Ranking drop reasons

6. Lost Links 

There is also the contribution of lost links in dropping the ranking of your website. Therefore, it is always suggested that you check the link health of your website by using the third-party tool. If you notice the number of backlinks or referring domains, you can search for answers to some of the questions. 

To keep lost links from affecting traffic on your website, it is good to put resources into a tool that can track and screen your backlink profile. Thus, you can take restorative measures and forestall a misfortune in rush hour gridlock before the misfortune appropriately impacts your site. 

7. Working Style of Competitors is Different

You should also know that encountering an SEO positioning drop in rankings or web traffic might not have anything to do with your own site. The competitors’ working patterns can change the game. The measure of work expected to outclass in your industry is altogether dependent upon your rivals. And to be in the top position, you have to think one step ahead.

If you experience the sudden drop in your website, then it might simply be that your competitors are showing improvement over you. For example, they might be acquiring top-notch backlinks, or they’ve expanded and refreshed their website content. And you also have to do like that to achieve a good position in the SERPs. 

8. Redirect Strategy is Not Proper

There should be a well-mapped redirect strategy that should be followed if you want to launch a new website or move to a new server. If you are doing any structural change in your website and do not have a proper redirect strategy, it will drop in ranking.

It would be best if you kept in mind the 301-divert plan as a difference in address notice for Google. It will notify Google that a few pages, a few pages, or your whole site has been moved to another location. Along with updating the 301 redirect plan, you also need to check that all XML sitemaps, canonical links, and tags are updated accurately. Doing these things in the proper manner tells Google that you have not created any duplicated content; you have just changed your address. 

9. Change in Nature of Search 

Constant changes keep occurring to the Google search algo, and the natural changes that happen each day can affect a site’s traffic and rankings. Google does these changes to fulfill the needs of the client. According to the trend in search topics, Google introduces more current outcomes or news stories in the top first positions and ranks the static substance down.

Also, after the new changes or brand awareness in your product, you experience a drop in ranking; then, you can consider looking at the Google Trends tool to check whether there are any progressions that may clarify why your site is being outclassed by new material. 

10. You’re not checking Rankings correctly 

If you continually look through your targeted keywords and click multiple times on your site from the search result, it will show the inaccurate search result at the time of the search result. Your search history, geographical location, and device impact the search result and how they will rank. So if you keep on searching your website by yourself, you will be shown a manipulated result that comes under the unethical SEO tactic. You can use a third-party tool to track the website ranking. 


It is better to understand the right way to improve the ranking of the website. From time to time, Google updates its algorithm that affects the ranking of the websites. You should keep updating your website as per the latest norm of the search engines so that your website can rank on the first page of the Google result. If you cannot find the reason behind the cause of your lost traffic or a sudden drop in ranking, you can contact professionals of Marketing Sweet. We will let you know the right reason behind the SEO ranking drop. We will help you to bring the websites back in the ranking. You should be aware that SEO is a long-term process; thus, it can not be fixed in a day. Our Adelaide SEO specialists will describe the best SEO strategies under your budget. You can give us a call on 08 8337 4340 to know more about the service you can enjoy with us.

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