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How Does Video Help SEO – Understanding the Role of Video in SEO

How does video help SEO – understanding the role of video in SEO – The digital world keeps evolving continuously, and if we do not keep ourselves up to date, then there is an easy chance to fall behind. One of its examples is the use of video content on websites. If we start our search in Google, it is most obvious that at least one of the videos will appear in the organic listings. For example, if you search “How to fix the broken laptop screen?” on search engines, then you will definitely see a video at the top of the page.

So why these videos are appearing, and do they have any impact on the click-through rate. To find out the answer to all these questions, we are writing this blog. So come on, join us and see how your SEO is affected by video content.

What is the Importance of Video in Successful SEO

Videos are short yet impactful. The easiest way to provide consumable content to your audience is the use of video. It offers the most convenient way to communicate with your audiences. Viewers watch different videos depending upon their requirements and get satisfactory answers from there.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Creating and distributing valuable and relevant content in the form of video to the targeted audiences comes under video content marketing. The aim of such videos is to attract audiences to their product or service. And help in getting qualified leads. The need and requirements of users are put first in video content marketing Adelaide.

The digital marketers put the main focus on video content to make it engaging and provide helpful visual data to the targeted audience. Users get desired content without getting bored. If you have good video content, then the chance of bounce rate gets reduced at a large level.

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Is Video Content Good for Current Time SEO?

Video is becoming the most valuable asset for SEO. The popularity of video has grown to the next level. The organic visibility of the website design in Adelaide improves with good quality video. Google works day and night to improve the experience of its users, and having good quality content helps a lot in this. It is seen that video content can drive five times more conversion rather than normal content. Most of the users find video more inciting, and as a result, Google also likes those websites that have incorporated videos.

Is Video Content Good for Current Time SEO?

Google gives priority to the video-rich elements that are available in search engine lists. You will be happy to know that a current report says that websites with interactive videos on their website have more than a 53% chance to rank on the top of the SERPs. Adding excellent video substance to your website offers your site an abundance of natural permeability openings. It’s for this very explanation that the response to the inquiry “Is video useful for SEO in 2020?”. So this is a big yes.

What is the Process of Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is not rocket science that requires much time and knowledge. You can start it initially from the basic level and then can move to the master level. The basic level only requires three stages. 


The very first step of every task is the proper planning and making strategy to achieve the goal. You have to do a little search to find out the targeted audience, check out what your competitors are doing, search for distribution channels, and other things. These things will help you throughout the process of video content marketing.  


The next step is to produce real and valuable video content. You should film your video by keeping in mind why you are doing this. Do you want a lead from your video, or you just want to do brand awareness? Depending upon the answer, you should start your production. In pre-production, you have to prepare good quality and engaging content and design the way of presentation. After that, the time comes for action, camera, rolls, and the fun starts. You have to cast yourself in the video and have to create a wow video. After making your video, you should also edit it by using graphics and other visual effects so that users find it more interactive and eye-catching.  


The final stage is marketing the produced video. In this step, you have to distribute your video on a cohesive marketing funnel and all social media platforms so that more and more individuals come to know about your video. 

Ways to Improve the SEO with Video Marketing

Here we are describing some ways by which you can boost your SEO in 2021 with the help of good quality video content. 

Include Metadata

We all update the metadata of our normal web page, such as meta title, meta description, and meta tags, for optimizing the webpage and improving website ranking. Similarly, you have to do it for your video content. The search engine uses the metadata of the video to check out the content of your video and, according to that, ranks it in the list. Proper keywords and titles should be used because search engines analyze these things. You have to provide a little summary about the content that is inside the video in the metadata. 

Mobile Optimization

In the current time, the web page should be optimized for the mobile environment. The number of mobile views are increasing day by day, and it will continue to grow. In a report, it is stated the traffic from mobile is near about 52% of the total online traffic. Users find it easy to watch a video on a small screen rather than reading 2000 words content. Thus you should put this in your mind and optimize your video content for mobile users. 

Design Video Sitemaps for your Page

It is also seen that digital marketers create lots of videos for their website, but they are not getting any benefit nor ranking in SERPs, so in that case, using a video sitemap is the best option. A video sitemap is the collection of text files that hold all important information about your videos, such as title, content matter, runtime, and the target audience. It is effective in indexing your video on search engines. After submitting this sitemap, you are informing Google that your website has a video, and Google lists that video. 

Ways to Improve the SEO with Video Marketing

Prompt Users to Comment and Like

You should put your best to attract users to your video and encourage them to like and comment on your video. More number of likes and comments on your video makes it popular and helps in ranking on top. You can also add a call to action on your video to get leads from there. 

Share Video on Various Channels

There are wide platforms available where you can share your video. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Instagram are examples where you can promote your video content. The more engagement on your video, the better ranking. Also, your website authority will improve in the eyes of Google that directly relates to SERPs ranking.  

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Role of YouTube in SERP

Youtube is such a large platform with whom we all are familiar, and it will not be wrong to say that we are fond of Youtube. It has a wide role in providing video content to search engine results. It is much obvious that videos available on Youtube will surely be seen on SERPs. Google bought this amazing video platform back in the year 2016. Wherever you search anything on Google, then it most probably shows the video results from Youtube rather than other video platforms. Thus it is definitely worth hosting videos on Youtube. It is also reported that people trust the video content that is available on Youtube rather than other competitive sites. 

What is the Impact of Video Optimization and How Google Treats it?

In recent years the popularity of videos has experienced rapid growth. The reason behind this is the increased use of social media and smartphones. The digital cameras have given the ease to the users that they can easily create and publish it over the net faster. 

Videos are effective in improving the user’s experience by providing the combination of sound, visual, and movement. Google provides the most relevant video content to the users in the search browser. The videos are optimized with the correct description, search query, and an appealing summary of the video so that users can get attracted to that. It also helps in improving the raking over Google.

The information inside the video should also be genuine and relevant to the heading. We all have encountered the situation over Youtube where content inside the video is not relevant to the title or description. It increases the bounce rate and loss of trust of clients. The ranking of the video also gets down with such type of video content. The placement of content should be in the right manner, along with the high volume of keywords in the title and meta.           

Why Videos are so Popular?

There are specific reasons that increase the demand and popularity of the videos. Some of them are;

Videos are short and sweet

The main reason individuals like to consume the go-to form of content is that they can receive a large piece of information in a very concise manner. A single video can communicate about 1.8 million words to the listener. Because of that, people prefer to watch videos rather than reading large pieces of content.

Effective Ways of Storyteller

Videos are effective in describing the story to its audiences. Describing a story in such a manner sticks to the people’s minds for a longer duration. People remember the content of videos that they have watched for the past two months. The images and presentation of videos have a vast impact on the mind of the individual. 

Improves the experience of the users

The main focus of the video makers is to improve the experience of their users. Videos are created in such a manner so that people can enjoy the blend of visuals, sounds, and movement together. Users can easily watch the videos on their mobiles, tablets, and laptops as per the requirement. Viewers can easily watch them anywhere and anytime.   

Final Words

There is a huge opportunity for SEO with the popularity of the online presence of the videos. Videos have now become the essential components of the website. Video has an impact on SEO if it is relevant, informative, and engaging. The video should be high quality and fulfill the requirement of the viewers. If you keep on producing high-quality video for your website, then it will definitely help you in boosting your brand familiarity. Click-through rates and content engagement will result in a conversion. 

If you want to try video content marketing for your website, you can trust experts of Marketing Sweet. We are equipped with a passionate and creative thinking SEO team that will help you to get the desired result. To know more about our services you can give us a call on 08 8337 4340. We will help you to discover the best opportunity for your business. 

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