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White Hat SEO Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Is it possible to win the game of Google on its own set game also without breaking any rule? Most of the answers will result in no and which is much obvious and that’s where white hat seo comes to the picture.

If you go with the short-term tactics, spammy links, and other such work that comes under black hat strategies, your website will get wiped easily from the search engine ranking. And the worst thing is that you have to put all your effort and time again to recover the penalties posed by Google.

So you are wise enough to decide what you have to choose from, white hat SEO or black hat SEO, which is a better black hat strategy with poor user experience or a white-hat strategy for the best ROI.

White hat SEO is the SEO technique that works as per the terms and conditions of most search engines, including Google. It offers reliable and long-term outcomes that are good for your sustainable business growth.

In this article, we will provide you with useful guidance for achieving sustainable growth for your business by using white hat strategies.

Before that, let us first check the difference between the white hat and black hat SEO.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

We all know SEO is the technique to optimize the website according to users and search engines to get better results in SERPs. And there are different processes to achieve them, such as black hat SEO, white hat SEO, and so on. 

The main difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO is the working approach. Both aim to achieve the same goal and improve the website’s current search result. But the way both start and end is very different. 

seo perth internet marketing

Search engine optimization is done to improve online visibility and influence the search engines to read the website. If your website is achieving a good position on Google, it is most likely to reach 87% of internet users.

The white hat practice is related to high-quality content that matches user requirements, whereas low quality and duplicate content is used in black hat SEO. There should be optimized images along with an alt tag in white hat SEO, while in black hat SEO, old techniques are used like link spamming and improper text. Use of keywords in the white hat SEO is done as per the desired keyword density, whereas in black hat practice, overstuffing of keywords is done.

White Hat SEO

1. High Quality Link Building

2. It is Good Practice.

3. Good Experience of Users

4. Results will be Long-Lasting.

Black Hat SEO

1. Penalty Risk is High

2. Low-Quality Link Building

3. Spammy Content

4. Short Term Results

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Both are opposite to each other. Black hat SEO consists of harmful, shady, and sneaky activities. Keyword stuffing, deceitful redirects, and low-quality link creation all come under this. In the initial phase, you will see good results, immediate visibility, improvements in ranking with black hat techniques. 

But white hat SEO works in line with search engines, and thus you will get sustainable results. When you go with white hat SEO techniques, then you are filling two needs with one deed. That means you are fulfilling the user’s expectation while remaining in Google’s good book.     

Why are White Hat SEO Techniques Important?

If you want to avoid your site being penalized by Google or other search engines, or you want to enjoy the long-term benefits, then you should follow white hat SEO techniques.

Google keeps on updating its algorithm to avoid the black hat seo practices. You might have heard about the Google Penguin Update. It is regarding the penalization of the website that uses the black hat SEO techniques for manipulating websites. Such websites that are engaged in spammy link schemes and over stiffening of keywords are punished by Google, and the visibility of such websites declines rapidly overnight.

Why are White Hat SEO Techniques Important?

White hat SEO offers several benefits. Some of them are:

Reduction In Cost

The cost involved in practicing white hat SEO is less than black hat SEO. You don’t have to spend effort, time on removing the penalties imposed by search engines.

Security Of Site

The security of sites gets improved with white hat SEO techniques as nothing wrong is done on the website. 

Consistent Ranking

The optimization work done with white hat SEO offers sustainable results that are long-lasting. The ranking of the sites remains consistent.  

White Hat SEO Practice For Getting Sustainable Growth

It is not hard to implement the white hat SEO techniques. You only have to follow the right guidelines and ways to implement them.

Here we are providing some ways by which you can implement white hat SEO to get better results.

1. Focus On User Experience

Google considers the way you treat your users, and it is an important factor that you should consider. Time to time algorithm update is done for improving the user’s expectations as well as search engines experience.

Trust is hard to earn but easy to lose. If you want to maintain the trust of your users, then start considering the experience of users. Google aims to provide the best quality content to users on a given matter. 

If users find an enjoyable experience on your website, then they will prefer to return back to your website. Some marketers commit a common action, i.e., creating content for bots to improve their website SEO. But effective SEO works involve optimization of the webpage along with improving user experience.

You can improve the user’s experience by following some factors. 

  •  Website Navigation

The navigation of websites is effective in making the user experience smooth and happy. With good navigation, users find it easy to interact with your website, and they get quick access to the pages that are related to them. Search engines also find it easy to crawl websites with easy navigation. Search engines bots act in the same manner as users do. They go through the web pages and interlinked links of the sites. 

A good navigation system is responsible for improving website visibility. You can relate this with ownself. Suppose you are searching for some section on a webpage, and you get that quickly in the navigation bar, then what will be your reaction? You will love to explore that webpage again. This process improves the conversion rate and visibility of the website.

  • Speed Of Sight

The loading time of the website has a very big influence on the ranking and experience of users. Nobody likes to wait for a web page to load. It is an easy way to improve the experience of users and search engines. 

In a recent survey, it was found that mobile websites that load under 5 seconds have a greater conversion rate than websites that take more than 5 seconds. It means that a website that has a long loading time experiences a 20 % drop in leads and even you can easily check the speed of your website with online tools such as the Google PageSpeed tool.

2. Making Website Mobile Friendly

We all know that in current time most of the Google searches are done by mobile devices. Thus it is quite important that you should make your website mobile-friendly. If you don’t do so, then you are going to lose a huge opportunity that will be in terms of user experience and conversion. 

Having a mobile-friendly website implies a connection with a large number of audiences. Responsive websites are easy to share, and visitors who liked them can easily share them on social platforms. Also, from 2015, it is counted as the ranking factor, and preference is given to the websites that are responsive. 

3. Research On Keywords

You will hear the same thing from every marketer that the right keywords are considered as the foundation of SEO. Keywords can be the topic, theme, and other things on which the whole content is based.

Long ago, SEO was just the process of finding the keywords and stuffing them in the web pages. But this practice currently comes under black hat SEO. Now Google has become smarter, and it easily finds the keywords stuffing, synonyms, stemming, and other things in the content.

Keyword research gives ideas about the words and topics that are mostly searched by users. It will help you decide the right keyword for your website blogs, articles, and other content sources. 

Once you get to know about the right keywords, you can target that on your web page in the form of the page title, meta tags, article topics, URLs, etc. By this, users will be able to find your webpage on their searched keyword. 

4. Write Creative And Informative Content

The pillar of white hat SEO is established on authentic, valuable, and informative content. White hat SEO mainly works on the guidelines of Google, and Google strives for valuable content for a better user experience. 

A good content marketing strategy focuses on creating valuable content that draws the attention of the readers, and they keep coming for that reason. Also, such websites get rewards in terms of improved ranking and increased traffic and on the other hand, low quality, copied, and jargon content comes under black hat SEO tactics. Thus you should avoid doing these things.  

5. Link Building

Link building has great strength; thus, you cannot afford to bypass this. However, you have to keep patience to achieve the reward that will come in the form of the high visibility of your website, and that will be long-lasting. The link building should be of high authority.

The major difference between the black hat SEO and white hat SEO is the method or way which is used to create the links. For example, if backlinks are created in large numbers without considering the quality to get the short-term result, then it comes under black hat SEO. If you focus on creating quality links for long-term benefits, then white hat SEO is done.

6. On-Page White Hat Seo

You have to implement a white hat SEO tactic on-site. It is quite a time-taking and broad process. Doing on-site changes according to white hat SEO techniques results in sustainable impacts. However, we are compiling a few of the practices that we consider important.

  • Doing Internal Linking With Smart Site Architecture

Most individuals do not consider the importance of internal linking, but it is very important. Every link on the website offers a better understanding to Google regarding the site architecture and content. Also, you will get high authority for the pages you want to rank better in the SERPs. Therefore, it is considered as the connecting path for your website content. 

  • Optimizing Images With The Alt Tags

We all know that Google and other search engines do not see the images on your website; however, they only read the description mentioned in the alt tag of the image. If you write a more descriptive and accurate description in the alt text, Google will understand it in a better way and will index them correctly. To make the content of the webpage more attractive and easy to understand, images are used. Adding an alt tag is one of the ways to optimize the images.

  • Keyword Rich Meta Tags

The meta description of every page should be created with rich keywords. This is because it offers ease to both search engines and users to find the summary of the webpage. But you should avoid over-stuffing of keywords in the meta title and tag.

  • Descriptive URLs

Google considers the URL of the web page to get the idea of what type of content would be inside it. Thus you should consider that your URL remains short, simple, and contains keywords.

Over To You

It is not possible to beat Google in its own game by using the sneaky, shady black hat techniques. It will not attract any benefit for your website. White hat SEO works with the guidelines that Google sets; thus, you will encounter no penalties with such activity. 

Knowing what Google wants and in which manner will offer you the ease to improve your website ranking. The main aim of Google is to deliver rich quality content and information to users. So what is the process towards this?

  • You have to make the user experience superb. 
  • Use creative and valuable information on every webpage.
  • The links should be of high quality and long-lasting.

If you focus on long-term and sustainable results, then you should work according to that. The white hat SEO technique is good for improving website visibility for the long term and if you want to experience sustainable growth for your business using white hat strategies, you can contact Marketing Sweets professionals. You will experience an increase in ranking and improved conversion after our white hat SEO techniques.

Get in touch with us at 08 8337 4340 to know more about our services.

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